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Third Edition of 'Los Salvacomidas' Concluded with Over 31,000 Children Participating

The programme focused on healthy eating and zero waste awarded 2 schools (Taxara and Marqués de Benicarló Schools) with 1,000€ each and a scout group (Scouts of Sevilla MSC) with 500€ for their creative zero waste measures.

03 Jun 2024
EIT Food South

A total of 31,881 students from 574 Spanish schools participated in the third edition of the school programme ‘Los Salvacomidas’ by Food Educators. It involved learning about healthy eating habits and food waste through creative activities and interactive dynamics such as ‘The Perfect Menu’ and ‘The Dragon’s Lair’ video games.

Same as every edition, the programme presented a school contest for students to show off their unique skills to prevent unhealthy food choices and empower sustainability. This edition, Los Salvacomidas challenged children to create newspaper covers and videos related to food waste.

The contest was divided into four categories: Category A (6-7 years old), Category B (8-9 years old) and Category C (10-11 years old) for Primary students and Category D for children aged 6-12 who are members of leisure associations.

Taxara Public School from Huétor Tájar, Granada, triumphed again this year with two projects. In Category B, they presented a cover titled ‘Mi batch cooking’, which involves cooking in batches to prepare various dishes for the week. In Category D, they won with ‘Cocina con sabiduría, la de tu abuela la mejor partida’, inspired by their grandmothers' cooking methods as an example of zero waste. They used leftovers to create different recipes like hummus, croquettes, Spanish omelette, and chickpea salad.

In Category A, Marqués de Benicarló School in Castellón won with a cover titled ‘La alimentación y nuestro entorno’, showcasing a school garden and acting as reporters. These first three categories each had a prize of €1,000 for a group activity of their choice.

In the leisure associations category, the Scouts of Sevilla MSC won with a video titled ‘Manada Lis en acción’, explaining zero waste and actions to achieve it, becoming ‘eco-scouts’. The prize for this category was €500.

Pre-registrations Open for the 2024-25 School Year

The educational program operates throughout Spain and will soon launch its fourth edition with new features, including a new website and an interactive game to combat poor nutrition and food waste.

Starting in June, schools and leisure associations can pre-register to receive free educational resources. Additionally, children will have the opportunity to participate in the annual contest and win prizes for their class.

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