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The participants of the EWA program in Lithuania gained knowledge about attracting investors in the "MasterClass" event

EWA is a unique project in Lithuania, which aims to encourage women's involvement in business creation and reveal their potential to be innovators of future-changing solutions.

12 Sep 2022
EIT Food North & East

The "Masterclass" event of the EIT Food EWA programme took place in one of the most beautiful Lithuanian resorts. During the six-month program, authors of ten most promising ideas together with their mentors will gain knowledge not only during individual consultations or online seminars, but also in live training sessions. One of such trainings was the "MasterClass".

The purpose of the training - to learn how to make a perfect elevator pitch

Three major events in total will be held during the EIT Food EWA program in Lithuania. The second of them was the "MasterClass". During the one-day training, the participants had the opportunity to gain experience from the business lecturer Neringa Romanovskaja and to try to apply that knowledge in practice immediately. Later, they discussed the achieved result not only together with the lecturer, but also with other participants and mentors.

After the event, the participants were happy that now they will be able to understand and use the vocabulary of startups more easily, and even after waking up from sleep, they will know what a perfect elevator pitch should look like. Most importantly, according to the participants, after these trainings, they better understand what is most important to an investor in a startup and whether they currently need an investor or not.

Mentors are happy and proud of the program participants

Mentors of the program are happy with the experience gained and proud of the participants of the EIT Food EWA project. According to mentors, the participants keep showing progress and put in a lot of effort to create a successful startup in the agrifood sector.

When we asked Zita Petkevičienė, one of the program's mentors, several questions during the event, she was constantly smiling. She enjoys the opportunity to share her experiences with motivated women, and sharing knowledge and the desire to improve is an integral part of her life. According to the mentor currently working at Kėdainiai canning factory, this program implemented in Lithuania by AgriFood Lithuania DIH is an invaluable opportunity for women, as they have a chance to gain knowledge from experienced lecturers, hear comments, discuss with different experts and overcome existing fears.

The participants aim to create nature-friendly solutions

A closer look at women's ideas reveals a clear trend that the main goal of all business ideas is to positively impact the food system, improve people's quality of life, reduce food waste, encourage short food supply chains and create food products that have a neutral or even positive impact on the climate.

The final event of the EIT Food EWA program is less than three months away!

More details are available on the website.

About AgriFood Lithuania DIH

AgriFood Lithuania DIH is a cluster and Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit to transform agri-food sector. The organization itself is organizing more than 300 events annually and is participating as a partner in at least 50 initiatives. Agrifood Lithuania DIH is a part of several international projects under the H2020 framework and has a strong background in projects dedicated to women.

Learn more about AgriFood Lithuania DIH on their web page.

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