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The Municipality of Nisyros joins InnoWise Scale - networking and matchmaking event between innovators and industries working together againts water scarcity

04 Nov 2022
EIT Food South

The programme Innowise Scale supports startups, scaleups and SMEs working on innovative products or services enabling a better water management, optimizing water supply and demand, and fostering climate change readiness of the European economy. Moreover, Innowise Scale accelerates the uptake of innovation by providing water innovators with tailored mentoring, trainings and networking opportunities with end users to co-create solutions in real problems.

The Municipality of Nisyros, responsible for water supply, wastewater treatment and sewerage services in the Greek island of Nisyros, has joined the 3rd edition of the InnoWise Scale programme as problem holders searching for innovative solutions to tackle water scarcity an improve the use of the available resources.

As a public authority, the Municipality of Nisyros sees itself as a market shaper that shall work with all stakeholders in the water economy to create pathways for innovation and investment, ensure universal access to clean water and sanitation, and provide enough water for food, energy, and natural systems.  Among the main challenges they face to guarantee water sustainability in their area is to improve the exploitation and preservation of water resources, the wastewater management and the minimization of water losses.

This can be achieved through enhanced data management, exploring alternative water sources and implementing new filtration and/or nature based solutions for wastewater treatment, among others.

After a networking event organised by EIT Food CLC South the past 5th and 6th of October 2022 in Bilbao (Spain), the Municipality of Nisyros is now exploring collaboration option with the InnoWise Scale participants Fuelics (Greece), Agualytics (Spain), Iberponics / AMBERSEA (Portugal), Pelagoo (Greece), SolarDew (Netherlands), Agua de Sol (France), Cartometrics (Spain).

During over a month, the different solution providers will have the chance to explore how they can contribute to improve the situation of the Municipality of Nisyros with regards water scarcity and water management.

Results will be announced during the sectoral Innowise Scale pitching competition taking place on November 29th, 2022, online.

About InnoWise Scale pitching competitions

The InnoWise Scale pitching competitions focus on finding innovative solutions to reverse water scarcity, changing from water misuse and pollution to reduce, reuse and non-use of water. The selected companies will have the possibility of been awarded with equity-free cash prizes of up to 12,000€ based on the uniqueness and replicability of their innovations, and 30,000 € of special prize as a voucher to implement a demo study with one of the problem holders.

As part of the competition’s programme, the EIT communities EIT Food, EIT Climate KIC, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Digital aim to deep dive into the circular future of the water sector and how digital tools and innovations can support that transition.  The series of talks under the title of Road to 2030: Future circular water-cycle perspectives brought will bring insightful discussions around key topics aligned with the InnoWise Scale competition challenges.  

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