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Poland as one of the countries participating in EWA programme in 2021

EWA - Empowering Women in Agrifood is the project carried out by EIT Food and Perspektywy Education Foundation, which aims to support women at an early stage of their careers to use their potential, provide them with adequate knowledge, support and access to a network of contacts so that they can successfully set up and develop a sustainable business.

15 Jul 2021
EIT Food North & East

EWA offers the 10 participants personalized mentoring, networking sessions, workshops, consultation with experts and access to an international digital platform with the possibility of receiving funding of up to 10,000 euros, as well as access to investors, business angels and cooperatives, which will help them take their business to the next level.

The selected participants are:

Barbara Dobosz – The use of modern technologies: spectral analysis and unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture. This technology aims to observe the moment when a plant subjected to abiotic factors, i.e. eg plant protection products are dying.

Weronika Głowadzka – An intelligent lamp for lighting plants, which will reduce electricity consumption and accelerate plant growth, thanks to which vegetables will bear fruit faster and more often.

Anna Gonera – Technological tools, in the form of a website and a mobile application that allows owners of farms and food companies to analyze the impact of a farm / enterprise on the environment.

Joanna Maziakowska – Vegetable drink, kefir type, based on sunflower seeds and cashew nuts, fermented with kombucha.

Aneta Michalska – Production of plant-based dairy alternatives using live bacterial cultures in a systematic and optimized way.

Magdalena Rokicka – Healthy snacks for dogs based on vegetables and fruits, herbs and fresh oil extracts from local farmers and producers, which will be dietary supplements that will positively affect the health and condition of the dog.

Anna Staszak – Granola manufacture with bacterial cultures baked only before shipment, without added sugar, leavers and emulsifiers.

Izabela Wojdyła – Production of freeze-dried food for children in the form of complete meals - lunches, desserts, snacks. Ready to eat in a few minutes after pouring hot water. 

Magdalena Wykrota – The use of by-products from food production to create a body scrub. Each of the ingredients is natural, obtained from a local enterprise / agriculture, and has the necessary properties needed to achieve the desired effect.

Monika Zakrzewska – Product based on an alternative protein obtained from microorganisms and fungi. An alternative to tofu.

During the program, the entrepreneurs will work with 10 mentors ready to offer them the best advice for developing ideas and a business plan. 


Dobrosława Gogłoza – Otwarte klatki, Head of strategy

Katarzyna Geiger – MBP Solutions, Head of Supply Chain

Agnieszka Klucznik – Tӧrő – Independent expert of the Green Deal programme, European Commission

Urszula Mikiewicz – Dolnośląska Zielona Dolina, Menadżer ds. rozwoju

Maciej Otrębski – Roślinnie jemy, Strategic Partnership Manager

Łukasz Pelowski – Secret Garden, Founding General Director

Łukasz Pietrzkiewicz – Fluid S.A., COO

Bartosz Podhorodecki – Agritech Hub Fund – Investment Manager

Dawid Sokołowski – Zwyczajny obiad, CEO

Justyna Wysocka – Golec – LGM S.A/Bureau Veritas Polska, CEO/Menadżer ds. Zrównoważonego rozwoju

The first step of the program included two online training sessions: 1st of July for Mentors, 2nd of July for Mentees. It was also a time to ask tough questions and resolve any doubts related to running a mentoring relationship.


Matchmaking event, that was organized on the 3rd of July on the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, included presentations about EWA programme and its dedicated platform, as well as an individual presentation of each participant. It was also a moment, that each mentoring couple were introduced and the program was officially opened. The Matchmaking event ended with 2 workshops, which were an excellent opportunity both for substantive preparation for the program, as well as for networking between the participants of the event.

Selected participants will work for 5 months under the supervision of outstanding mentors, take part in workshops, events and networking to develop their product / service that is to change the agri-food world for the better.

What is next?

1. July/August – III Workshop – “Building strategies and business models”

2. August/September – IV Workshop – “Effective pitching”

3. September – Masterclass: “Let’s celebrate – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer” 

4. September – V workshop for Mentees “Talking to investors and investor presentation”

5. October – VI Workshop – “E-sales, or how to increase the reach of your product/service”

6. November – Pitching Competition - The event is split into two parts: part I only for Mentees and Mentors, and the goal is to summarise the program, and part II, open to the invited guests, when the Mentees’ pitching session will be held.

More details are available on website. 

About Perspektywy Education Foundation

Perspektywy Education Foundation is the most experienced organisation dealing with women in STEM area in Poland. It inspires, connects and supports women in technologies, science, and innovation. It also encourages to choose education in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). "We help them enter the job market and build spectacular careers – in industry, science or by developing their own tech/science based startup. This way we support the emergence of a generation of self-aware women leaders who will change the tech world."

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