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New food trends come to life at the Food Fashion Festival

What is the role of social media in the way food is produced? How do new food trends such as veganism determine our eating habits? These are some of the questions behind the new food trends that came to life during the Food Fashion Festival on Ladeuzesquare in Leuven.

05 Jul 2019

Through various activities, games, exhibitions and a catwalk, the main trends in the field of nutrition were highlighted. Food trends reflect the development of consumer preference for food-related habits. These preferences have an important effect on the food ecosystem: from farm to fork.

The event is set up around a fashion show. A catwalk with models showing clothes based on food trends. "The different dresses all represent a food trend. There is a social media dress, because nowadays people want to put their food on Instagram as soon as possible. A girl wears an insect dress and the question behind it is: can insects be an alternative to meat? The girl wearing a cardboard dress reflects the waste of packaging and finally, special dresses have been made to promote local food. It's all about awareness," says Martine van Veelen, Director EIT Food region West.

It is important for citizens to be aware of changes in dietary habits and technologies. The Food Fashion Festival is the ideal opportunity to not only taste delicious food, but also to discover how our lifestyle influences the production and consumption of food.
- Martine van Veelen

The Ladeuzesquare was surrounded by food trucks with innovative food combinations, such as the vegan Mexican kitchen called The Vexican. Startups were also present, like Natural Machines who presented new technologies such as their new 3D food printer. Thanks to EUFIC, the visitors were invited to make a Virtual Reality trip to Iceland to visit a sustainable tomato production.

Experience the feeling of the first edition of the Food Fashion Festival through the aftermovie!

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