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Announcing the finalists of Innovation Prizes competition 2020

EIT Food presents 17 agrifood startups from Eastern and Southern Europe that won a ticket to the Grand Final of RIS Innovation Prizes competition 2020.

15 Sep 2020
EIT Food North & East

The most promising innovative early-stage ventures in the agrifood sector were chosen during the country finals of RIS Innovation Prizes competition that took place during the summer. The finals were organized in 17 countries of Eastern and Southern Europe that are part of the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).

In each final, up to 8 innovative agrifoood companies competed for the three jury prizes of €5,000, €3,000 and €1,000 and for the audience prize of €2,000. The jury comprised of food professionals, academics and investors, awarded the startups that have the biggest potential to transform our agriculture and food system making it healthier, more sustainable and more trusted.

The 1st prize winners from all 17 countries also won a ticket to the Grand Final, where they will get a chance to compete for three main prizes of the competition: €10,000, €15,000 and €25,000. Before the Grand Final, all finalist will also go through an intenive and personalized 10 day-long Bootcamp training, delivered by the eZecute - a leading agrifood advisory company specialised in corporate innovation and VC operations.

Here are the startups who won a chance to pitch in the Grand Final of the Innovation Prizes competition on November 10:

AgroGrIN Tech

(Portugal) AgroGrIN Tech is a business that applies sustainable, green and low-cost solutions within the fruit supply chain. We monetise the waste streams generated in fruit management and transform the waste to value through our patented technology that separates enzymes and vitamins.

Atlas Agro Science

(Bulgaria) Atlas Agro Science is a startup designed to find innovative solutions related to the utilization of renewable biological sources by incorporating circular economy and reversed logistic system.


(Latvia) We developed a new biodegradable pot with increased efficiency of plant growth. The raw materials of the product are by-products of agriculture, energy production, wood processing, as well as the by-product of the lake recultivation - organic lake sediments – sapropel.


(Greece) Cofeeco transforms coffee waste to food, cosmetics and your next furniture! We valorise the organic residues of spent coffee grounds to isolate their constructive nutrients.


(Slovakia) The primary mission of EcoDish is transformation of agrifood by-products to the non-toxic, eco-friendly and compostable tableware. In addition, it is still convenient, durable as well as fully circular.


(Slovenia) HEIJUS is 100% unfiltered apple juice with added super herbs. We are on a mission to bring healthier beverage options to consumers with sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing in mind.

Humanless Agriculture Technologies

(Serbia) Our technological solutions turn raw data into valuable information for farmers helping them to identify the problem within the field, find the right combination of pesticides and organize purchasing of these pesticides.


(Poland) MICROBE+ has developed innovative microbiological bioproducts - multi-strain probiotics for plants that provide comprehensive plant protection against a wide spectrum of plant pathogens.


(Lithuania) Nanocrystalline cellulose manufacturer. Our product is an eco-friendly additive material to the plastic and bioplastic packaging for beverage manufacturers that want to increase the shelf-life of their products.


(Romania) We provide satellite-based field monitoring service for farmers helping them understand the consequences of their practices on the natural fertility areas.

Oscillum Biotechnology

(Spain) Oscillum is a biotechnology company focused on the development of sensors with various applications for the agrifood industry. 


(Italy) Regrowth is a young Italian startup developing modular and affordable solutions for extensive farmers which include IoT and AI technologies for animal health and welfare management.


(Hungary) The SMAPP LAB team develops a digitised trap family, which monitors pest insects and predicts effectively several pest control points.


(Turkey) SoluBlue is an innovative food packaging material that extends shelf life and is fully biodegradable. Additionally, in SoluBlue packaging the food gradually dries over months, providing second life for fresh food in cooking, or as animal feed.


(Estonia) Many people who want to sort food packages are not sure how to do it. We provide a mobile application that enables you to scan the EAN code and it gives immediately the answer to which bin the waste should go.

Thermosolar Hive

(Czech Republic) Thermosolar Hive promises to turn the honeybee crisis around by the elimination of parasitic mite Varroa destructor, the major source of bee mortality in the world. It utilizes the sunshine to heat the hive and very effectively and ecologically kill the mites.

ZUS Beeotics

(Croatia) Our team is developing a product that would heal a disbalance in the bee gut microbiome that is caused by environmental factors thus improving honey yield and strengthening their immunity.

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