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Los Salvacomidas visit Pamplona to Empower Children on Healthy Eating and Zero Waste

Seizing to promote healthy eating habits and reduce food waste among young minds, Los Salvacomidas organised a workshop in Pamplona held on May 20th and 24th at Colegio Liceo Monjardín.

30 May 2024
EIT Food South

The workshop targeted primary school students aged 7-8 years old, which aimed to instill crucial lessons about nutrition and sustainability from an early age.

One of the key contributors to the event was Paula Hafner, Key Account Manager at EIT Food, who played an instrumental role in spreading the word about Los Salvacomidas. Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, children were introduced to the concept of healthy eating and the importance of minimizing food waste.

"Interesting, fun, and very educational, plus you get certified as an agent/detective. We just missed trying the insects.

- Mother of a student

The event featured a variety of activities, including Salvacomidas worksheets and video games, designed to make learning fun and accessible for young participants. As part of the initiative, children were also provided with notebooks from Los Salvacomidas, encouraging them to explore their creativity and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

By combining education with entertainment, Misión Salvacomidas Pamplona succeeded in creating a memorable and impactful learning experience for the next generation, paving the way for a healthier and more sustainable future.

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