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Inspiring first edition of FUN&FAN The Afterwork in San Sebastian

EIT Food hosted its first FUN&FAN The Afterwork in San Sebastian, Spain, gathering students, entrepreneurs, startups and key actors in agrifood entrepreneurship in the Basque Country. Because the future is in agrifood. More than 40 assistants participated in the event celebrated at Tabakalera Center.

30 May 2021
EIT Food South

Finally, it is time to meet again, discover innovative startups and share inspiring stories.​ Do you remember what it was like before a pandemic created “the new normal”? Do you still want to fulfill your dreams, to undertake or to take another step in your business?  EIT Food FUN & FAN - The Afterwork Donostia brought together students, entrepreneurs, startups and key actors in agrifood entrepreneurship in the Basque Country.

The first edition was held on May 13 in Tabakalera (Donostia-San Sebastian) where the focus was agrifood sustainability. Juliet Bray, Accelerator Manager at EIT Food and Juan I. Zaffora, Regional Start-up Manager at EIT Food, were in charge of moderating the event. 46 people attended this on-site event, following the measures and restrictions stablished by the goverment due to COVID-19. This gathering, hold exclusivily offline, will probably be the first of many others to be celebrated in the future. 

3 inspiring startup founders presented their projects during the gathering. Supported by audiovisual devices, three startups prepared and explained their way from a simple idea to the company they have become. In a roundtable moderated by two presenters, they discussed their experiences as entrepreneurs with the collaboration of EIT Food and how their strategies incredibily helped them to achieve their goals in the agrifood sector: from a national to an international approach. 

  • Bio2coot: represented by Farayde Matta Fakhouri,CTO and Founder. Bio2Coat has developed edible food coatings, made entirely from natural sources, that are applied to preserve and extend the shelf life of food. The technology reduces the use of plastics for food packaging and food waste.
  • Feltwood: represented by Óscar Longares Pérez, Business Developer and Partner. Feltwood offers Circular Economy solutions by developing technologies that allow obtaining industrial materials from plant waste. The resulting products are moldable, resistant and ecological, positioning themselves as an alternative to plastics in multiple applications.
  • Panduru: represented by Elena Fernandez Suarez, CEO and Founder. Panduru makes bakery products with bread that bakeries would have discarded otherwise. Panduru has been selected as one of the three best projects of the Greeweekend Gijón 2020 and won EIT Food EWA (Empowering Women in Agrifood) 2020.

Join a community of entrepreneurial minds hungry for sharing and learning. It's not just the "after-work" beer; it is what can emerge through the exchange of experiences!

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Both startups have been supported by EIT Food, as they have participated in the 2022 edition of the Food Accelerator Network (FAN) Programme.
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Ana Climent, founder of Ca Climent and Priscila Silva, founder of Gundo App were awarded with the 1st and 2nd prize by the close of this edition.
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Sara Martins, founder of Portugal Bugs and Carla Ramos, founder of Real Vines Experience were awarded with the 1st and 2nd prize by the close of this edition.