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Foodback, EIT Food´s Turkish Hub, Supports Future Professionals in the Future of Food and Agriculture

Over the past two years, Foodback has successfully brought together more than 400 students to their online traning programmes.

07 Nov 2023
EIT Food South

Foodback, EIT Food´s Hub in Turkey, is an organization dedicated to fostering knowledge and innovation in the field of food and agriculture. Is had been hosting online training programmes for two years in a row. These programmes were specifically designed for university, master's, and doctoral students with a passion for food and agriculture, as well as a high interest in entrepreneurship.

Over the past two years, Foodback has successfully brought together more than 400 students who aspire to study careers in the food and agriculture sector, possess entrepreneurial ideas, and have a strong desire to explore and learn about this dynamic industry.

The organization's most recent event was aimed to students studying food and agriculture, those with entrepreneurial aspirations, and individuals researching innovative business ideas came together for a special online gathering. During this event, they engaged in discussions about the latest trends in the food industry, explored the opportunities provided by EIT Food for students, and shared experiences with accomplished entrepreneurs in the food and agriculture sector.

The highlight of the event was a networking session, which allowed attendees to create valuable connections and get to know each other. This interaction not only facilitated the exchange of ideas but also encouraged collaborative efforts among the participants.

Foodback's dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing in the food and agriculture sector has made it a hub for aspiring students and entrepreneurs

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