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EIT Food Startup Awareness Event organisers for 2023 Selected

EIT Food has selected the new organisations to organise the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event for the local agrifood ecosystem in October 2023 - 1st February 2024.

05 Oct 2023
EIT Food North & East

Organisation chosen to organise the EIT Food Startup Awareness Event for the local agrifood ecosystem in October 2023 - 1st February 2024 :  

  • NVO Zeleni Dom – Green Home  (Montenegro)

Background information  

The main goal of the Startup Awareness Event will be to introduce EIT Food programs and activities to the local agrifood and innovation ecosystem and scout for potential participants of EIT Food entrepreneurship programs. The events will also aim to bring together the members of the local agrifood ecosystem and initiate the discussion about the current state and challenges of the ecosystem in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.   

For further information please contact:   MildaKrauzlis

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