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EIT Food South closes a year of empowering Southern European entrepreneurs and showcases remarkable projects shaping the future of food innovation

The talent in the Southern European region has produced remarkable initiatives that include innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to positive change.

01 Feb 2024
EIT Food South

Over the past year, EIT Food South have continued to promote innovative projects and excellent ideas that deserve support and recognition. The talent in the Southern European region has produced remarkable initiatives that include innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to positive change.

EIT Food commitment is to continue supporting and amplifying the voices of entrepreneurs in the Southern European region. EIT Food is determined to continue providing a platform for these promising projects, fostering collaboration, and driving positive impact. 

We are proud to showcase some of the exceptional projects that have actively participated in various EIT Food programmes throughout the year.

TeamUp Programme

  • Breadroots. BeadRoots is acompletely biodegradable and eco-friendly solution to help farmers tackle drought through natural superabsorbent polymers, helping retain more water in the soil. (Angela Bona, Marco Laino, Paolo Pezzolla and Valerio De Luca, Italy)
  • Biopols. It is a new generation food storage technology by utilizing food wastes and extraction of fungal chitosan, we develop all natural antibacterial and antioxidant food coating and packaging that helps to extends shelf life of products and replace plastic packaging. (Sena Tarim, Turkey)

Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) Programme

In Greece

  • Karpologio. They have created a group of young Thessalian producers who cultivate their fields in the fertile plain up to the foot of Mount Olympus. (Erieni-Christina Spanouli)
  • Grizo & Prasino. Grizo & Prasino was established for the purpose of re-introducing herbs to the Greek Market. It is a vertically integrated company that cultivates organically, processes and trades high-quality whole-leaf dried herbs in small branded packages. Also, it produces bottled herbal iced tea and botanical syrups for sodas and cocktails. We are now on a mission to spread abroad our enthusiasm for real-brewed iced herbal tea and a new way of enjoying all the herbal goodness. (Angeliki Drakou)

In Italy

  • Olivair. With a focus on olive harvesting, Olivair specialises in the design of cutting-edge drones. By automating the harvesting process, they minimize plant and environmental impact while maximizing productivity. What sets them apart is their revolutionary propeller system that delicately shakes branches from above through wind-like motion. Olive farms and contract harvesters across the Mediterranean region are their intended beneficiaries, as they embrace the future of sustainable agriculture. (Diana Zagarella)
  • Zoé Food Evolution. It is a culinary revolution in the realm of fast-casual dining. As the pioneering establishment exclusively devoted to 100% plant-based, handcrafted pasta, Zoé embodies a vision of a more enlightened society. Ethical and environmental values guide every step, from sourcing sustainable raw materials to fostering workplace inclusivity. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a fiery rewriting the narrative of modern dining. (Martina Riolino)

In Portugal

  • Portugal Bugs. It is on a mission to introduce innovative food alternatives centered around insects. Recognising the sustainability and nutritional benefits of insects as an animal protein alternative, they are commitment to developing products that align with consumers´ daily dietary choices. Their target audience includes health-conscious individuals who are open to embracing these eco-friendly alternatives. (Sara Martins)
  • Real Vines Experience. It is a family-driven legacy spanning four generation. They specialize in crafting unique wines, with a particular focus on the Baga grape, in the limestone-rich terroir of Serra de Sicó. Their commitment to preserving tradition, sustainable winemaking, and the region´s natural beauty shines through in every bottle. (Carla Ramos)

In Spain

  • CA Climent. Rooted in the heart of La Granja, Valencia, CA Climent stands as a remarkable endeavor driven by the Climent family´s return to the fields. This rejuvenation of dormant lands starts with peanuts - the cornerstone of their traditional craft. Representing Valencian heritage, the Collaret and Cacaua varieties take center stage. With a legacy spanning over a century, CA Climent masterfully crafts and roasts these peanuts, embodying both tradition and sustainability. Their influence extends widely, encompassing local partnerships, collaborative initiatives, and community engagement. (Ana Climent)
  • Gundo. A technological solution that provides personalised nutritional recommendations to users while they shop for groceries online, based on their goals and/or medical conditions. The solution integrates with supermarkets through APIs, allowing users to make healthier purchases by having all the necessary information before completing their shopping. (Priscila Silva)

In Turkey

  • Microhobits. It is a plant growth regulator developed from the products produced by microorganisms beneficial to the plant or postbiotic plant growth regulator produced from the microorganisms beneficial to the plant. (sultan Gül)
  • Palgae. Palgae produces algae-based bioplastic raw materials with carbon capture technology and brings industrial waste into the circular economy. (Eylül Er)

Seedbed Programme

  • PFx Biotech. PFx Biotech is a cutting-edge biotech Portuguese company, founded in 2022 and based in UPTEC, Porto, that harnesses the power of biology to create healthier lives and a better planet. Human milk proteins are the golden nutritional and health-promoting proteins in early life nutrition. By producing highly bioactive alternative human milk proteins, through precision fermentation, PFx is creating a new category of ingredients that will support and boost the immune system.

Food Accelerator Network (FAN) Programme

  • Innogando created RUMI, a livestock GPS location system that monitors the real time state of the animal and gathers all information in a handy App for easy access at any time (Pablo Lopez, Spain).
  • Minagro develops high-quality green products for crop care. Its greener solutions, based on sustainable raw materials, aim to improve crop protection and nutrition inputs, whilst limiting the crop care industry’s impact on the environment (Arnold Dmaere, Belgium).
  • Oligofeed has developed a scientifically proven supplement that boosts bees’ natural immunity (Aneta Ozieranska, France).
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