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EIT Food presents a successful and impactful Think & Do Tank on "Healthy ageing"

Living older and healthier is a privilege to which all human beings should have access to; nevertheless, out of reach to the wide majority. It is our common responsibility to make it change.

13 May 2024
EIT Food South

Under this paradigm, EIT Food, the largest and most vibrant community of individuals, companies, start-ups, universities, and technological centres in the agri-food sector, gathered 31 European leaders to lay the foundation of a new Think Tank called “EIT Food Healthy Ageing”, an initiative launched in Bilbao on 16 April 2024, in the context of the Food 4 Future exhibition.

During a 3-hour session, key decision-makers, researchers and experts from Universities, Research Organisations and Big Corporates, representing 12 countries gathered and brainstormed around the table.

CSIC (Spain), IMDEA (Spain), Danone (France), Roquette (France), AZTI (Spain), Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria), Puratos (Belgium), Vitagora (France), Fundación Universitaria de San Pablo (Spain), the University of Torino (Italia), the University of Reading (England), PAN Olsztyn (Poland), MATIS (Iceland), the University of Warsaw (Poland), Cargill (US), Maspex (Poland), PepsiCo (Ireland), Sabri Ulker (Turkey), INL (Portugal) attended the launch event.

Dedicated to fostering innovative solutions, knowledge sharing and collaboration for well-being as ageing, EIT Food think tank is focused on prevention through food, aligned with the first mission of the organisation: Healthier Lives through food.

During this inaugural session, after setting the context of the initiative, the experts addressed some key challenges and opportunities, regarding the transformation of health through food, while initiating the exploration of strategies for promoting health and well-being, with a clear emphasis on prevention. With a target audience comprising healthy individuals aspiring to maintain their well-being as they age, effective communication is paramount.

“From EIT Food in the Decade of Healthy Ageing, we want to contribute creating opportunities to live long and healthy and extending wellbeing for all ages, regardless of date of birth."

- Begoña Pérez Villarreal, Director EIT Food South Region

During the brainstorming session, participants explored through interactive group dynamics, key themes such as malnutrition, gut microbiome, personalized nutrition, immunity enhancement, women’s health, and mental health, providing a comprehensive framework for action, around the following 7 pre-identified key actions to be implemented throughout the initiative:

  • Research and Innovation involves conducting research and promoting innovation, emphasising preventive measures against non-communicable diseases. This action aims to identify effective dietary interventions that can mitigate health risks and promote longevity.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Identifying specific gaps among stakeholders is a crucial point for EIT Food initiative. By understanding these gaps, targeted activities will be implemented to address them effectively, fostering collaboration and synergy among diverse stakeholders in the food and health sectors.
  • Policy Recommendations play a pivotal role in supporting healthy ageing and delaying age-related decline. Evidence-based recommendations can influence policy decisions, leading to the implementation of measures that promote healthier dietary choices and lifestyles.
  • Public Awareness and Education among the public about healthy lifestyle choices are essential components of preventive health strategies. Through targeted campaigns and educational initiatives, individuals can make informed decisions about their dietary habits, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Community Engagement with communities is critical for EIT Food Think Tank, understanding their needs and priorities related to healthy aging. By actively involving communities in the decision-making process, tailored interventions will be developed to address specific challenges and promote positive health outcomes.
  • Building collaborative programs is also a key point for EIT Food, in order to drive meaningful change in the food and health sectors. By facilitating collaboration and networking among stakeholders, the think tank aims to create synergies that amplify the impact of interventions and initiatives.
  • Fostering Science-Based Public Debate on healthy ageing in Europe is essential for informing policy discussions and shaping public perception. By providing evidence-based insights and engaging in informed dialogue, the think tank will seek to drive meaningful action towards promoting health and well-being.

In conclusion, our Think Tank inaugural meeting served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and action towards transforming health through food. By prioritizing prevention, fostering collaboration, and engaging stakeholders across sectors, the Healthy Ageing tank initiative aims to drive positive change and promote health and well-being for all. EIT Food will soon share the outcomes and recommendations of this inaugural session.

We'll also be unveiling the web page of the Think Tank initiative shortly. Stay tuned.

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