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EIT Food announces the project „EIT Food Job Skills Studio” for Ukrainians residing in Poland

EIT Food, in collaboration with Food Bank in Olsztyn, has implemented the EIT Food Job Skills Studio education project under the support of EIT Food. The workshop for adults interested in culinary, willing to develop cooking skills and prepare for the cook profession. This may help to step into new workplaces.

15 Sep 2022
EIT Food North & East

The workshop ‘’EIT Food Job Skills Studio” focuses on the improvement of practical competences in the labour market in agrifood sector for Ukrainians residing in Poland due to the war in Ukraine. The workshop aims to develop practical skills of working in gastronomy on an intensive three months course, enable to find a job and start an independent existence. Moreover, through its numerous activities, participants will be able to practice the Polish language.

From September to December 2022, we will train even up to 45 people during the culinary workshops, so that peopled will acquire knowledge and skills to find job as a cook, chef or kitchen assistant in the catering industry. This in turn will enable them to adapt faster to life in Poland and improve their material situation. Importantly, workshop participants , together with occupational advisers, will be able to decide which course they will take part in. People having experience in gastronomy will be qualified to the advanced group, people taking their first steps in this field will take part in the basic course. At the end of each course, a theoretical and practical exam will be conducted, ending with a certificate confirming the acquired skills.

What's more, in order to increase future employability, they will take part in workshops on the Polish labour market, combined with individual support from a career adviser. During the meetings, will acquire new knowledge and skills regarding legal and cultural aspects of the labour market in Poland and the EU.

Finding one's feet in a new reality and acquiring culinary knowledge also requires efficient communication. Therefore, culinary classes will be supplemented by learning Polish with a qualified teacher, with an emphasis on nutritional topics and vocabulary related to the specificity of work in gastronomy.

EIT Food Job Skills Studio is a project taking comprehensive care not only about education process, but also that they are able to improve their qualifications in peace. Taking into account the peculiarities of the situation that they found themselves in, the project provides for the care of their children while their mothers acquire new skills.

To learn more about EIT Food "Job Skills Studio" project, visit

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