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EIT Food alumni constellr secures funding to springboard US expansion

EIT Food Accelerator Network alumni constellr secures new funding to springboard US expansion following substantial market demand from North America.

25 Jul 2023

constellr, a pioneer in space-based temperature, water and carbon measurement for the agriculture sector, has announced plans to expand its operations to North America to secure its place in the emerging thermal data market.

Access to precise climate and environmental data can help farmers to improve yields, identify threats to crops, and strengthen food security – thereby helping to create a more sustainable future for the food system.

constellr was selected to be part of the EIT Food Accelerator Network 2021 cohort, and later received support through the EIT Food Startup Impact Fund, which provides direct funding to a select number of high-performing agrifood companies, whose innovation activities are contributing to making the global food system more sustainable, healthy, and trusted.

Following a €10 million seed round led by Lakestar and Vsquared last October, constellr has secured an additional €17 million in a seed extension round. The investment will be used to help accelerate the deployment of constellr’s new generation of thermal satellites and to meet growing demand among its US customers.

constellr launched its first system into space last year and has since been able to secure its first major agrifood and institutional customers for celestr, its land surface temperature data product. The celestr product allows for its users to gain a better understanding of the changing conditions in agriculture, including irrigation, carbon sequestration and Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV), crop health and yield monitoring, industrial monitoring and disaster management; thereby providing users with the tools and data to adapt to changing climactic conditions and to offer solutions to how to manage land and food systems.

“We believe constellr’s approach to building the most precise layer of thermal imaging data will accelerate a paradigm shift in how the global agricultural sector adapts to the impacts of an evolving climate."

- Dr. Max Gulde, constellr CEO

constellr is alumni of the EIT Food Accelerator Network, a programme for registered seed startups to receive tech validation and accelerate business towards a successful market adoption. Since 2018, the programme has received over 2000 applications of agrifood startups working to tackle the challenges to the global food system, and has enabled over 300 startups to be accelerated, supported and funded.