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Meet the winners of RIS Innovation Prizes competition

EIT Food presents early-stage agrifood startups from Eastern and Southern Europe that won the Innovation Prizes competition

29 Oct 2019
EIT Food North & East

The most promising innovative early-stage ventures in the agrifood sector were chosen during the Demo Day finals of RIS Innovation Prizes competition that took place from June to October 2019. The finals were organized in 15 countries of Eastern and Southern Europe that are part of Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).

In each country, up to 10 innovative agrifoood companies competed for two main prizes of €5,000 and €10,000. The jury comprised of food professionals, academics and investors, selected the startups that have the biggest potential to transform our agriculture and food system making it healthier, more sustainable and more trusted.

See the Innovation Prizes 2019 photo gallery below. 


1st prize – Teky 

We take biowaste from local manufacturers and businesses and make bio packaging that is eco-friendly and much safer than plastics and styrofoam.

2nd prize – Pro-gum  

Healthy propolis chewing gum.

Czech Republic 

1st prize – Alexýr 

Alexyr is a plant based alternative to aged dairy cheese. 

2nd prize – Forsage 

Remote beehive monitoring - identify why and minimize colony deaths. 


1st prize – NutriLoop

We are creating circular food and bio-waste systems by using biowaste to produce high value products for organic farming that help to rebuild the soils and the need for agrochemicals reduce.

2nd prize – Timey 

Timey makes food quality indicators for food producers that allow for reduced food and CO2 waste and connect producer-retailer-consumer.


1st prize – Oliveex

Oliveex applies IoT technologies in food storage (especifically in fermented foods, such as olives and cheese) to guarantee the best product quality and minimize the profit losses due to spoilage.

2nd prize – BeeNotes Plus

Beenotes is a voice-guided Smart-Phone for beekeepers that combines automatic (voice guided) data recording on site and analysis and helps the beekeeper become more effective and efficient.


1st prize – AquaShield Control 

AquaShield is the most advanced smart garden controlling system that helps you to monitor and control your aquaponics or hydroponics setup.

2nd prize – Ruralinnovations 

ICT tool for quality control of manual labour in the wine yards. 


1st prize – 3Bee

3Bee provides a decision support system based on IoT monitoring and diagnostic device that collect the animals’ biological parameters. 

2nd prize – Evja

We allow farmers to reduce chemicals by 90% and irrigation water by 80% to achieve more abundant, healthier produce, grown with a minimum environmental impact.


1st prize – Smart packaging 

Intelligent packaging for spoiled food detection that can be attached to the food surface or incorporated into food packaging.

2nd prize – SpirulinaNord 

We sell fresh spirulina produced in north by innovative cultivation system. 


1st prize – UAB Zemdirbiu Konsultacijos

A company that developed and patented a novel plant diagnostic tool that allows farmers to measure exactly what vital nutrients are missing for plant growth at certain stages of vegetation.

2nd prize – Super Garden  

Innovative food products with increased biological value made from powders of freeze-dried fruit, berries and vegetables.


1st prize – Greendrones 

We provide services for agriculture and agroforestry entrepreneurs using unmanned aerial vehicles, multispectral sensors and advanced software.

2nd prize – AgroWe 

AgroWe provides solution for food & agro sector solution based on already existing data, proven and verified by public institutions. 


1st prize – Fishery

Cellular agriculture startup producing fish meat without fishing or farming.

2nd prize – Agrodrone

We do soil precision fertilization with soil microbiology technology.


1st prize – Taraba Virtuală 

Taraba Virtuală is your go-to platform for trusted farm to fork food.

2nd prize – FoodKit 

FoodKit aims to revolutionise the way we eat by delivering healthy and convenient meal plans cooked sous-vide and vacuum-packed for preservation of micro and macronutrients.


1st prize - NU3Gen   

The NU3Gen project uses molecular data in a new way and implements it into everyday food choices.

2nd prize - LivingElements  

LivingElements brings micro-algae farming to any household in SpirulinaLamp. 


1st prize – BEVO 

We are using innovative fermentation technologies that produce natural and inexpensive meat flavors.

2nd prize – Barley&Me 

Our product is Newdles - durum pasta with spent barley malt. 


1st prize – Polyfly

Innovative natural pollination solutions based on Hoverflies.

2nd prize – Sonicat

Advanced solutions based on High Power Ultrasounds for food processing.


1st prize – Windagrotech

Renewable energy based on wind power for agricultural use.

2nd prize – Biolive

Antimicrobial bioplastic granules production made of olive seeds.

RIS Innovation Prizes Gallery

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