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Children obesity and how to reduce it

The aim of the “Children obesity and how to reduce it” proof of concept project is to validate utilization of digital game-based applications in spreading scientifically proven knowledge and awareness on healthy eating among children in the early school age in order to prevent and reduce excessive weight and obesity.

30 Sep 2021
EIT Food North-East

We strive to deliver a digital science-based game whose goal is to spread awareness among children to wisely choose the food they consume and engage them into reflecting upon their dietary choices.

This project provides an accessible platform for children of all nationalities who want to remain or become fit and healthy as well as reduce the risk of overweight or obesity and related diseases. Our objective is to engage children through digital games and challenges – learning about healthy diet can be fun!

Over a period of six months, numerous experts were interviewed by us to learn their professional opinion on the most critical knowledge and behaviour gaps in terms of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, 127 children were surveyed to explore their knowledge, awareness, and habits regarding diet and exercise, a successful game prototype was designed, developed, and tested, and over 50 subjects played the prototype and provided feedback.See how the game can help in healthy nutrition and lifestyle education. The game prototype can be played HERE

Project Lead
Michał Mijal
University of Warsaw
Work Package Leader
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