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AOTECH and Innomy Forge Sustainable Partnership to Carry Out Fungi-based By-products revalorization with Real time Mentoring (FBRM) Project.

Both startups have been supported by EIT Food, as they have participated in the 2022 edition of the Food Accelerator Network (FAN) Programme.

29 Nov 2023
EIT Food South

The project consists of an innovative initiative that combines Innomy's expertise in developing fungi-based burgers and AOTECH's cutting-edge photonic solution for real-time monitoring of food production. 

Both startups have been supported by EIT Food, as they have participated in the 2022 edition of the Food Accelerator Network (FAN) Programme. The project's main objective is to develop large batches of sustainable and nutritious fungi-based burgers while ensuring accurate and timely assessment of their texture, protein and nutrient content.

Innommy, a company that develops sustainable food solutions, has an impressive track record developing fungi-based meat analogues, like burgers or sausages. In order to do this, the company uses conventional grains as substrate for fungal tissues to grow.

A key feature of this project is the utilization of food industry by-products as a substrate, instead of conventional grain.

These by-products, typically discarded as waste, will be repurposed to provide a nutrient-rich environment for the fungi. This approach not only reduces waste, but also contributes to a more sustainable food production system.

The start-up AOTECH will also participate in this project developing a system for real-time fermentation control and quality control of the final product.

For both purposes, NIR spectroscopy and artificial intelligence will be used.

For the first objective, spectra will be acquired throughout the fermentation process, and a predictive model will be created to determine the optimum fermentation point of the product, which will provide a powerful tool for automating the production process in the future.

On the other hand, a quality control system for the final product will also be designed to obtain in a few seconds the protein concentration of each produced burger, thus ensuring the quality of the entire production.

Upon successful pilot production and testing, Innomy will utilize its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for sustainable and nutritious fungi-based burgers. AOTECH's photonic solution will remain an integral part of the production process, ensuring ongoing real-time analysis to guarantee consistent and accurate measurement of protein and nutrient content.

The impact of this project extends beyond the development of burgers. By utilizing by-products and implementing real-time nutritional analysis, it addresses both sustainability and transparency concerns in the food industry. The collaboration between companies shows the potential of innovative partnerships in delivering sustainable and nutritious alternatives to traditional food.

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