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EIT Food organises and participates in events across the whole of Europe. You can find us at one of the following events.

Lunch and Learn: Intellectual Property (IP) Garden Please join us for an engaging and informative online session on EIT Food’s Intellectual...
Welcome to FoodHIVE! Whether you're a seasoned FoodHIVE user or just joining us, this event is designed to help you navigate...
Welcome to this year's series of courses on Regenerative Agriculture that will take place all over Europe! This event will consist...
WE Lead Food Türkiye 2024 WE Lead Food Türkiye Daha sürdürülebilir bir gıda sistemine öncülük etmek isteyen kadınları WE Lead Food Türkiye...
The Agrifood Investment Launchpad offers a one day crash course designed for beginners and potential investors in the field. The course will...

South Summit 2024

June 05, 2024
EIT Food will be joining this year’s the 13th edition of the South Summit, one of the most relevant events for entrepreneurs, corporations...

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