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InnoWise Scale pitching event - Municipality of Nisyros Case study

The InnoWise Scale pitching competitions focus on finding innovative solutions to reverse water scarcity.

Wed, June 12, 2024

How to manage our water systems to face radical environmental change?

This is the debate question for the 4th session of the InnoWise Scale pitching series, taking place online between the 22nd and the 30th of November 2022 with the title: Road to 2030 Future circular water-cycle perspectives in the framework of InnoWise Scale.

Current systems of governance and economic organization are unsuited for a world altered by global warming. The public sector must see itself as a market shaper that works with all stakeholders in the water economy to create pathways for innovation and investment, ensure universal access to clean water and sanitation, and provide enough water for food, energy, and natural systems.

Mission-oriented policies allow governments to steer innovation and know-how directly toward meeting critical goals. The speakers in this second InnoWise Scale Food competition will discuss how stakeholders such as the Municipality of Nisyros - the competition problem holder - can implement new ways of governing water.

The Problem Holder

The Municipality of Nisyros is responsible for water supply, wastewater treatment and sewerage services in the Greek island of Nisyros. Some of their main challenges are water sustainability, wastewater management, and nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment.

The solution providers:

About the competition:

The InnoWise Scale pitching competitions are the final step after 3 months of mentoring, training, and networking opportunities between problem-holders and solution providers. The competitions focus on finding innovative solutions to reverse water scarcity, and changing water misuse and pollution to reduce, reuse and non-use water.

Winners of the competitions will be granted 12,000 euros (1st prize) and 10,000 euros (2nd prize) in equity-free cash, to be used for scaling up their business. The evaluation will be based on the innovation and impact of the solution presented.

Moreover, there will be a special prize of 30,000 euros for testing purposes. This prize will be granted to the solution provider that better addresses the challenge and needs of the end user: Municipality of Nisyros (Greece).

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