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EIT Food Aquaculture Showcase Event

Sat, June 15, 2024

EIT Food’s Aquaculture Showcase virtual event will explore the latest research and innovations in the aquaculture sector.

Event Details

The event will bring together key stakeholders from the aquaculture sector to explore EIT Food’s commitment to the sustainable aquaculture focus area. There will keynote presentations from experts to discuss the current EU aquaculture landscape and to explore the challenges and opportunities the sector will face in the upcoming years.

The event will showcase the winning projects from EIT Food’s aquaculture competition that launched in 2020 to accelerate sustainable innovation in the aquaculture sector.

There will also be an exhibition zone and networking area.

Event Speakers

  • Melanie Siggs, Director of Strategic Engagements at the Global Seafood Alliance
  • Laura Krishfield, Senior Research Associate at Lux Research
  • Mark Chryssolouris, CEO at Susea
  • Paul-Daniel Sindilariu, Co-Founder of Next Tuna GmbH
  • Hanne Mertens, COO at Aqua Pharma Group
  • Ian Armstrong, Managing Director at Pulcea
  • Michaela Fox, Lecturer in Education at Queen’s University Belfast
  • Andrew Robertson, Director and Co-Founder at Fish From Ltd
  • Bert Popping, Independent Consultant at Focos Food
  • Milena Marzano, Managing Director at Milcoop
  • Paola Landri, Technical Director at Delta Futuro
  • Alexandra Leeper, PhD student at Matis
  • Mercedes Groba, Innovation Programme Manager at EIT Food

Aquaculture Project Presentations

  • Sustainable Seafood Processing (SuSeaPro) – is developing novel processing technologies that extend the shelf-life of seafood products, that do not rely on additives or heat treatment, to reduce food loss and waste from farm to fork.
  • Next Tuna: Creating a Sustainable Tuna Industry – is creating the first sustainable European source of tuna by reproducing Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in a land-based, eco-friendly recirculating aquaculture system.
  • BREEZE: A revolutionary eco-friendly system for fish health management – is enabling the successful scaling of sustainably managed fish farms, to meet the growing demand for healthy proteins.
  • AGAPE: Aquacultural Global AI Platform for Europe’s Skills Passport – is an AI-based collaborative platform. AGAPE is first in bringing an innovative model of interaction between stakeholders in the EU aquaculture market.
  • Just Add Water: utilising world-leading technology to minimise environmental impact and maximise fish welfare of farmed salmon – is growing Atlantic salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), throughout the EU.
  • Development of highly sustainable aquafeeds for European aquaculture – is developing novel feeds for marine fish, using low carbon and zero waste ingredients, to increase the sustainability of European aquaculture.
  • INSPIRE Aquaculture Summer School - is encouraging talented recruits to create innovative solutions which increase the productivity and profitability of the aquaculture sector.

There will also be an exclusive session for EIT Food partners, led by Innovation Programme Mercedes Groba, to feedback on EIT Food’s strategy in aquaculture.

Agenda (GMT Time-Zone)

  • 09.00-09.10: Event Welcome and Housekeeping
  • 09.00-09.20: Melanie Siggs Keynote Presentation - The current EU aquaculture landscape + Q&A
  • 09.30-09.45: SuSeaPro Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 09.45-10.00: SustainFeed Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 10.00-10.15: AGAPE Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 10.15-10.30: Delta Futuro Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 10.30-10.45: Break
  • 10.45-11.05: Matis Project Portfolio Presentation + Q&A
  • 11.05-11.20: BREEZE Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 11.20-11.35: Just Add Water Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 11.35-11.50: INSPIRE Aquaculture Summer School Presentation + Q&A
  • 11.50-12.05: Next-Tuna Project Presentation + Q&A
  • 12.05-12.25: Laura Krishfield Keynote Presentation - Technology and Innovation in EU Aquaculture
  • 12.25-12.30: Closing Remarks
  • 12.30-1.00: Networking and exhibition
  • 1.00-2.00: EIT Food Aquaculture Strategy Session (Exclusive to EIT Food Partners)
  • Event Close

Introducing our Keynote Speakers

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