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A Net Zero Food System Insight Report – Q&A with the authors

Sat, December 2, 2023
until Mon, May 22, 2023

A Net Zero Food System Insight Report – Q&A with the Authors

Join our informative webinar to hear from the authors of the A Net Zero Food System Insight Report. Learn about key insights and recommendations for the EIT Food Community to achieve Mission goals and find out how we are using these recommendations in the design of our funding and collaboration programmes.

During this webinar, on the 22nd of May at 12.00 PM CET, you will hear directly from the authors of the report on their findings, including: 

  • The support needed by farmers to overcome barriers to more sustainable farming practices
  • The types of technological innovation required in both agriculture practices and manufacturing and processing stages
  • The opportunities for coalition building and collaboration to enable systemic change

Important: This webinar is open to community members and project contributors only. If you’d like to gain access or find out more about similar content available to our community members, please visit our Get Involved page. The full Insight Reports are available to everyone, you can download them here. And if the content inspires you, please get in touch and tell us how we can help you make change happen. 

For any questions related to accessing the webinar, please contact

About EIT Food and our mission-based approach

EIT Food is a community which has come together to respond to the biggest issues in the food system affecting our lives. A Mission-based approach which puts needs first is our way of focusing our efforts on improving outcomes for people and planet as the starting point for our work.

We will enable the transition to A Net Zero Food System Mission by measuring and quantifying the change through reduced CO2 equivalent emissions. This is based on a three-point plan:

  • Enabling farmers and producers to lead the transition to regenerative agriculture.
  • Creating new markets and opportunities to reduce our food waste and food loss in production.
  • Empowering consumers, making their food purchasing choices count and play a crucial role in the circular food economy.

Towards the end of 2022, we commissioned a co-design team of Partners, experts and food system stakeholders to carry out an open programme of research, consultation and systems thinking workshops on A Net Zero Food System.  The objective was to identify where and how we can have the most significant and distinctive impact.  The output of this work is the A Net Zero Food System Insight Report.

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