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6th Thematic Webinar of EIT Food Alumni: Advances in Food Safety Management: Culture, Regulations & Digital Transformation

Thu, July 18, 2024
until Thu, July 18, 2024

Welcome to the 6th Thematic Webinar of the EIT Food Alumni Board "Advances in Food Safety Management: Culture, Regulations & Digital Transformation"

In this webinar, we will dive deep into the topic of food safety and its importance in our society.

Food safety is crucial because it directly impacts public health by preventing foodborne illnesses, which can lead to severe health issues and even fatalities. Ensuring food safety protects consumers from harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemical contaminants that can cause acute and chronic diseases. Additionally, maintaining high food safety standards helps build consumer trust in food systems, supports economic stability by reducing healthcare costs and food waste, and ensures compliance with international trade regulations, thereby facilitating global food commerce. Overall, robust food safety practices are essential for safeguarding health, sustaining economic well-being, and maintaining social stability.

Agenda of the Event:

10:00- 10:10 Welcome & Opening Session

                      Moderator: Dr. Begüm Önal

                      EIT Food Alumni Board Member


10:10- 10:20   EIT Food Alumni Board Chair – Dr. Glenn Mathijssen

                        EIT Food Alumni Board Pitch Dech

                      "Introduction, Who are we?,  Plans & Goals"


 10:20 – 10:35    Francois Bourdichon

                           Principal Consultant, Food Safety, Microbiology and Hygiene
                           Research Collaborator, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

                           "Latest Insights in Food Quality & Safety Management"



10:35– 10:50  Assoc. Prof. Malik Hussain

                       Associate Professor in Innovative Food Production, School of Science, Western Sydney University

                       "Emerging Food Safety Challenges & Novel Foods"

10:50– 11:05  Ir. Cornelis van Elst

                        CEO, QAssurance

                       "Food Safety Excellence: How to Set Up a Learning Organization for Food Safety"


11:05– 11:15 Networking, Q & A, and Closure

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