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Summer School on “Entrepreneurship for food product and innovation”: An entrepreneurial perspective on Climate Friendly Convenient Food

Summer School on “Entrepreneurship for food product and innovation”: An entrepreneurial perspective on Climate Friendly Convenient Food

A summer school program on Food Products Entrepreneurship and Process Innovation focus on delivering Climate Friendly, Healthy Food Soultions. 


Do you want to develop a business idea together with other brilliant minds and qualified mentors from the industry?

EIT FOOD Summer school on Climate Friendly Convenient Food Solutions is for You!

The food industry needs INNOVATION AND TALENT.   To innovate, we need to be equipped with a business mindset and entrepreneurial skills, but we also need to have a clear understanding of what it takes to create food solutions that are climate friendly and convenient.  The Summer School in  “Entrepreneurship for food product and innovation” is a successful EIT FOOD program, and it will be held ON LINE

This Summer School offers a unique 20-day program that allows students to experience creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship against the backdrop of the food industry. The program utilises the flipped classroom concept and combines a web platform with unique content and an exciting intensive week program where students will get acquainted with professors, entrepreneurs and fellow students. The participants, with diverse background will be generating and testing concepts related to Climate Friendly Healthy Convenient Food Solutions. The summer school will bring new focus on tools and concepts for starting a new business in the sustainable food area, or creating new products within an existing company.

The program will be based on line.  There will be asynchronous modules, and then a bootcamp on line for one week.  This school, is built in collaboration between three Universities:  Hohenheim, Torino and Aarhus. The in-class activities will involve food industries and will be set in a competitive environment to engage talented students.


The purpose of the summer school is to provide background on topics related to entrepreneurship and state of the art in food processing sustainability, developing creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, with input from researchers,  food entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

The novelty of this SumS lies firstly, in the curriculum design that targets to holistically address the specific educational needs of a multidisciplinary target group, and secondly on the fact that this educational product is targeting a dynamic sector that eagers for solutions today, if not yesterday.

To achieve this the program utilizes the flipped classroom concept, where 2 weeks online learning is combined with 5 days ONLINE bootcamp. This approach can guarantee that all students at the in-class teaching will be in a position to follow the trainers & maximize their effective involvement during the interactive exercises.

During the in-class challenge, program students are formed in groups to develop & pitch their ideas, practice business cases in front of mentors.

 If you have not registered, and you would like any updates to the summer school, please do not hesitate to contact us

Looking forward to your application! 


This program is for master students, pHD students, young professionals from different backgrounds that will work together as a team to develop and validate a business idea.


On line platform will open July 20th, and the bootcamp will start ONLINE  from the 23-28 of August 2020

Applications for the Climate Friendly Convenient Food Solutions - 2020 Entrepreneurial Summer School must be completed and submitted by Tuesday 30 June 2020 at 23:00.


A onetime fee of 150 € (including tax) will be charged. 

Through this experience, the students will be able to:

Explain and Interpret state of the art knowledge in designing sustainable food solutions for a climate changing world. The technical material will cover food systems, sustainability, food safety, the circular economy, decrease in waste.  Students will be able to practice their entrepreneurship skills in teams, and will be expected to Integrate multidisciplinary knowledge on the circular economy of food product design.

Identify the gaps and opportunities for advances in the field.

Develop a business idea using entrepreneurial skills and team work and present it in a professional setting to industrial partners.



A detailed description of the SumS course elements objectives and structure will be found at the DreamApply link above.

Please sign up to DreamApply and complete the application form online. The form will ask you to complete a short registration form.  Only candidates who submit a complete application in the online application form will have their applications evaluated by reviewers. Applications must be submitted in English.


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University

Project Lead

Milena Corredig

University of Aarhus

Contact details

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