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Setting Learning Outcomes

This course will walk you through a structured process to create learning outcomes for courses within EIT Food and introduces the new EIT Food competency framework.


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able:

  • to use key terms according to the definitions given in this course and supported by leading literature.
  • to identify learning outcomes that support the implementation of a wider strategy.
  • to produce learning outcomes for a specific course according to the context and level of learning, referring where appropriate to the relevant strategies and using tools and language commonly shared in the education field.

This course targets, in particular, all EIT Food educators, both experienced and new to course designing, but it is open also to educators of other KICs. The learning can be applied to courses of any kind, short or long, in professional education or higher education, courses for children or courses for experienced professionals, as well as students. This course is therefore aimed at any educator who wants to learn how to set learning outcomes for any of their courses or who is experienced and would like a refresher.
This course is particularly interesting for educators working in or for course providers working within EIT Food as the new EIT Food competency framework is referenced.


This is a practice oriented course, not just an academic exercise! You will work on real learning outcomes that you will be able to use in your job. You will be introduced to the new EIT Food Competency Framework that will underpin the learning outcomes you will produce for your courses. You'll learn how to produce well articulated learning outcomes using the appropriate tools and relevant frameworks to enable the learning design of your courses to be more robust.

You can start the course straight away, no need to wait for a start date.

Career Opportunities

Through this course you will learn or refresh how to set learning outcomes. It is one of the essential building blocks of learning design, and a key competency for any educator working in professional education, higher education as well as in or with L&D teams in both profit and non-for-profit sectors.

Duration & Dates

This course will take approximately 2 hours to complete. You can start the course straight away, and you will have access to this course for two months.

Audience & Eligibility

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Structure & Modules

This module is structured in three progressive units. You apply a three-stage process thatwill lead you to produce or review learning outcomes for your course. You will be able to check your understanding within each unit and will be able to compare the outputs of your acitivies to given model answers, allowing you to reflect on your work.

Programme lead

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Ms Lucia Debertol