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Marine Feed operates Sea Squirt cultivation with a strong positive environmental impact on the sea. From the Sea Squirts we produce two product lines:

  • We offer feed producers and aquaculturists a unique novel organic protein feed ingredient with an exceptionally low carbon footprint.
  • The subsidiary Marine Taste offers umami taste enhancer to the food market. The product is produced without preservatives, pesticides or fertilisers and has a unique taste-enhancing effect.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Marine Biology
  • Production of products based on Sea Squirts
  • Extractive aquaculture of Sea Squirts, Mussels and similar organisms
  • Co-cultivation
  • Product development for feed and food
  • Cultivation permits
  • Network of marine biotech startups and R&D projects
  • Pilot plant for production of protein meal and liquid food products
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