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Terms & Conditions

Invoice Terms and Conditions

EIT Food corporate details

EIT Food ivzw c/o
Ubicenter A
Philipssite 5 bus 34
3001 Heverlee (Leuven)

Payment Terms

  1. The invoice mentions the maximum due date to receive the payment.
  2. Payment terms are 15 days end of month unless otherwise specified on the invoice.
  3. In the absence of payment terms on the invoice, the invoice is payable 10 days after the receipt of the invoice.
  4. If no payment has been received, EIT Food holds the right to stop the delivery of services.
  5. EIT Food holds the right to cover accounting and administrative costs by instilling an additional fee of 15% of the full unpaid overdue amount with a minimum of 50 euro per invoice. This will be triggered upon first creation of a reminder.

Payment information

Payments can only be made by bank transfer to the bank account below. Please ensure the exact amount stated in the invoice is received by the beneficiary. EIT Food does not cover any fees that may be charged for the transfer.

Bank name and address

BNP Paribas Fortis NV
Warandeberg 3
1000 Brussel

Account number

IBAN: BE02 0018 0504 7940 (international bank account number)
SWIFT (=BIC): GEBABEBB (11 digits is not applicable for us, so this one is correct)

Account owner


International transfer costs

Choose for “OUR” => any transfer costs should be covered by yourself. So DO NOT choose for “SHA” or “BEN”.


Please pay in EURO with the exact amount stated in the invoice.

Interest rate

  1. No interest is due for payments received at the latest by the due date specified on the invoice.
  2. The statutory interest rate for late payments in commercial transactions between companies under Belgian law shall apply, if the payment is received after the due date specified on the invoice.
  3. The interest amount is calculated on the outstanding amount after the due date.


Further questions can be addressed towards