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Meet our team

Get to know the people behind EIT Food. We are the world's largest food innovation community with colleagues working across Europe and beyond.

We are passionate about improving food together, and each of us brings our own unique perspective and expertise to the table; be that in Entrepreneurship, in Innovation, Education, Public Engagement or in Operations. If you’d like to know more about what we do and to join our thriving community, please visit our Get Involved page.

Executive Management Team

    Whats App Image 2022 09 21 at 11 26 47 AM 1

    Richard Zaltzman

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Saskia nuijten

    Saskia Nuijten

    Chief Brand & Communications Officer (CBCO)
    Nicolas Perrin

    Nicolas Perrin

    Chief Finance Officer
    Nicole parisis

    Nicole Parisis

    HR Director

    Raphael Debleser

    Chief Operating Officer
    Adam Adamek Photo 1

    Dr. Adam Adamek

    interim Chief Impact Officer

Leadership Community

    Benoit Buntinx

    Benoit Buntinx

    Director of Business Creation
    Andrew Carlin square scaled

    Andrew Carlin

    Director of Missions and Strategic Programmes
    Matt Eastland Headshot

    Matt Eastland

    Director of Brand
    Miriam SASTRE

    Miriam Sastre

    Director of Communication and Events
    Maarten van der camp

    Dr. Maarten van der Kamp

    Director of Education
    Sofia Kuhn Pic

    Sofia Kuhn

    Director of Public Engagement

    Dr. Lucy Wallace

    Director of Global Relationships
    Sonia M

    Sonia Muñoz Blanc

    Director of Business Operations
    Jayne Brookman NW Team Image

    Jayne Brookman

    Director of Partner Recruitment

    Marja Liisa EIT Food

    Marja-Liisa Meurice

    Director EIT Food North and East Region
    Marie Elisabeth

    Marie-Elisabeth Rusling

    Head of Public Affairs
    Jente Schoutens

    Jente Schoutens

    Head of Community

    Dr. Martine van Veelen

    Director of EIT Collaboration
    Begon âa Perez Villarreal2 1

    Begoña Pérez-Villarreal

    Regional Director – EIT Food South


    Christoph Mandl

    Head of Corporate Venturing

    Cornelia Schwenk

    Head of EIT Community Education | Programme Manager Education

    Desi Vanrintel

    Head of Education Services

    Ilario Ingravallo

    Mission Lead (Reducing risk for a fair & resilient food system)

    Lorena Savani

    Mission Lead (Healthier lives through food)
    2019 Jan22 eit food portraits vivien bodereau

    Vivien Bodereau

    Mission Lead (A net zero food system)

Supervisory Board

    2022 10 18 EIT 92

    Michiel de Ruiter

    Cybelle Royce Buyck

    Cybelle-Royce Buyck

    Thomas Engel

    Dr. Thomas Engel

    Pauline Lindwall

    Pauline Lindwall

    Antonia Lorenzo profile pic

    Antonia Lorenzo

    Joel Ludvigsen

    Joel Ludvigsen

    Andrew Thomas cropped

    Andrew Thomas

    Michelle 9550

    Dr. Michelle Williams

    Microsoft Teams image 14

    Alice Lesaffre