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Urban Crop Solutions
Urban Crop Solutions

Urban Crop Solutions develops and builds tailor-made indoor vertical farms, all of them linked to our database of in-house developed plant growing recipes.

Our planet is faced with inconsistent supply due to climatological reasons, pests, diseases or long-distance transport. Plants and their derived products have long supply chains resulting in losses, inconsistent quality and a negative environmental impact. By developing and building indoor vertical farms which minimize the use of natural resources, we bring production and consumption together. Where consistent quality, just-in-time production, minimal use of natural resources or residue-free produce is important, we provide the solution.

Urban Crop Solutions is at the crossroads of plant biology and factory engineering. We are in the unique position to be a one-stop shop for our clients: starting from our plant-biological know-how, we offer plant recipes based on the end-product’s quality desired by our clients. From here, we design and integrate the right hardware and software infrastructure, followed by providing the growing materials they need to maximize their returns: seeds, substrates and nutrients.

Urban Crop Solutions

Grote Heerweg 67, 8791 Beveren-Leie, Belgium


Maarten Vandecruys, Founder & CTO