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Essento is the European pioneer for delicious, protein-rich and ecologically worthwhile insect food products.We  develop,  produce  in-house  and  market  our  food  innovations, like insect snacks, insect protein bars or insect burgers, for retail, food service and direct sales online.

We are strongly committed to raise public awareness for insect food and organise cooking classes or team events.

All  this  to  create  a  valuable  benefit  for  society,  our  health and our planet.

Competences & Capabilities

  • In-house product development team
  • In-house production facility
  • Know-how   across   entire   value   chain   (sales   &   marketing,    primary    &    secondary    production,    product development and supply chain)
  • More   than   2   years   of   successful   operations   gaining market insights
  • Established distribution network
  • Regular  keynote  speeches  &  lectures  on  future  food, edible insects & entrepreneurship
  • Strong collaboration with researchers
  • Main driver of regulatory change in Switzerland

Essento Food AG, Aargauerstrasse 3, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland


Christian Bärtsch, Founder & CEO
+41 78 705 24 71

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Public Engagement

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Creative infotaining is the future of knowledge transfer and co-creation among young generations.