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Connecting Food
Connecting Food

Connecting Food uses blockchain technology to make food more transparent. We provide our B2B clients with a real-time traceability solution that can follow a product in real time, and digitally audit each batch or production. We help our client create value until the final consumers.  

We take the pain out of auditing by digitalizing a process that a human can do only partially. 
We are offering food producers, manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to prove their promises to their clients and reconnect consumers with the farmers. 

Our digital platform tracks and audits products batch by batch as they go through the food supply-chain. As the technology alone cannot prove that the information is correct, our system LiveAudit verifies if the data is compliant with what it should be following the product requirements.

We enable food producers, manufacturers and retailers to prove their promises to their clients thanks to a blockchain platform providing real-time traceability & auditing. We help them leverage digital to reconnect with the final consumers by providing them radical transparency.

Connecting Food

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Coline Laurent – Marketing & Communication officer
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