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Better Origin
Better Origin


Better Origin closes the food waste loop by transforming organic  waste  into  sustainable  agricultural  inputs,  using  an  insect  called  the  Black  Soldier  Fly  (BSF)  as   a   conversion   catalyst.   BSF   larvae   efficiently   convert  95%  of  organic  waste  into  complex  fats  and  proteins  in  their  bodies.  Leveraging  our  novel  post-processing  technology,  we  refine  these  compounds  into aquaculture feed and organic fertiliser in a cheap, scalable  and  sustainable  manner.  Overall,  this  is  an  innovative way of turning waste material into a set of valuable, sustainable resources.


We are very interested in collaborating with other organisations involved in the food industry who share a similar vision around the Circular Economy. We are particularly focused on developing partnerships in the following areas: Waste feedstock assessment & analysis; Prototype system design and deployment; Nutritional analysis & benchmarking; Food safety assessments & pathogen testing; Plant trials; Fish trials; Market sizing & supply chain analysis; Regulatory approval, licensing & planning assessments.

Competences & Capabilities

Our main competencies and capabilities are in the following areas:

  • Organic waste conversion trials
  • Insect protein / oil feed preparations & formulations
  • Biological conditions experimentation & optimization
  • Engineering design & operation for insectrearing at large scale
  • Organic fertilizer preparations and trials
  • Supply chain & logistics model optimization
Better Origin

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Miha Pipan

Partner in the following EIT Food projects

Better Origin

FROM WASTE TO FARM: insect larvae as tool for welfare improvement in poultry

The aim of this project is to test the effects of innovative ingredients (insect larvae) in poultry feeding to allow sustainable production, to improve animal welfare and to potentially meet the consumer demand for healthier, more natural and bettertasting products.

Better Origin

Metamorphosis – enhanced insect protein for aquaculture

Metamorphosis focuses on turning organic waste streams into a valuable, next generation aquaculture feed ingredient.

Better Origin

Future Food Ventures: Creating sustainable value propositions

Future Food Ventures must be innovative, consumer-centric and create value that is truly sustainable.