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Position Paper: Blue Bioeconomy

09 May 2022

Position Paper | Blue Bioeconomy: Towards a strong and sustainable EU algae sector

This report is a direct response to the European Commission open consultation on its initiative “Blue bioeconomy - towards a strong and sustainable algae sector”, which was open from May to August 2021.

The objective of the consultation was to gather input to inform EU policy on how to scale up the sustainable production of algae and algae-based products, ensure their safe consumption and boost their innovative use in the Union. This input will feed into the upcoming EU Algae Strategy.

EIT Food is the largest agrifood innovation network in the EU. Drawing on our diverse blend of expertise, as well as the experience drawn from our own portfolio of algae-related projects, in this paper we propose that policy should focus on addressing three interconnected challenges:

  1. Leveraging R&I and education to exploit the full potential of algae;
  2. Building a strong and well-connected industrial ecosystem at EU level; and
  3. Raising social awareness and consumer acceptance of algae-based food. In EIT Food’s perspective, policy should focus on addressing these three interconnected challenges

Read EIT Food’s full response and find out more about our portfolio of algae-related projects by downloading the document at the button below.

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