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Sustainable Food Systems - Entrepreneurial Summer School 2019

The ‘Transitions to Sustainable Food Systems’ Summer School aims to address current and future sustainability challenges of the food system.


Participants will take on a production, consumption, and socio-economic angle to tackle issues such as environmental footprint, biodiversity, and food waste. The Entrepreneurship Summer School encourages citizens - university students, PhD/Post-Doc candidates, young professionals, from interdisciplinary backgrounds - to create, evaluate, and implement their ideas for a sustainable food system. Participants will be split up into interdisciplinary teams and learn methodological skills in ideation, business creation, and product development to create idea concepts. Furthermore participants will be able to make informed decisions about their future career as either an entrepreneur, researcher or intrapreneur in the food industry. Promising MVPs will have the chance to get support in the EIT Food Accelerator Network.


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Project lead

Alexander Pretschner Pic
Alexander Pretschner

Technische Universität München