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The structure

The Manifesto consists of guidelines and practical tips observed in kitchens that have worked on reducing food waste in their respective regions and are tailor-made for HoreCa representatives. Providing a more in-depth view of food waste and pointing out the critical areas where the food waste originates from as well as structural and practical tools to prevent it is a starting point to forming like-minded networks of professionals, influencing legislation and raising awareness. All with the aim to build a more sustainable food system and culture around it.

The goal

The main goal of The Manifesto is to create a community where chefs and kitchen professionals can learn, inspire and share their best practices to fight against food waste. The Manifesto provides 10 main guidelines and a handful of practical tips for HoReCa professionals on how to fully use limited resources and at the same time create great-tasting food.

The Manifesto was created in close dialogue with kitchen professionals and its guidelines and tips were based on the knowledge and experience of an expert team from 7 countries around the Baltic Sea. It is our hope that the Manifesto will outlive itself. We wish that in the future will be self-evident for kitchens to track and reduce food waste on a daily basis and to make the best of the entire production.

The people

The Manifesto is built on several years of work. The project with Great Taste – Zero Waste held its first-ever workshop in February 2020 and has been alive ever since. The Great Taste – Zero Waste Manifesto gathered experts from the culinary and food waste field and kitchen professionals from the participating countries of the Baltic Region: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Manifesto guidelines and tips were based on their knowledge and experience and created in close dialogue with HoReCa representatives.

With the Manifesto, we wish to create an open platform for HoReCa professionals to seek and exchange knowledge of best practices also in their local languages.