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EIT FoodScienceClass host Teachers Forum

On December 12, 2022, the FoodScienceClass project invited teachers and educators to their webinar to support educating food knowledge. The topics discussed were

- supporting teachers in educating food knowledge

- presenting the experience of the project partners

- sharing the newly developed lesson plans.

Read the LinkedIn announcement of the event by partner Justyna Banasiak from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research PAS, Poland.

EIT FoodScienceClass summarises 3 years of project implementation in Poland

A workshop for teachers was held on 27 October at the Social Forge in Olsztyn (Poland). Polish partners of the FoodScienceClass project - the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Food Bank in Olsztyn - invited teachers of local schools to an afternoon workshop. In this workshop, the partners presented the implemented project activities between 2020-2022 in Polish schools. The teachers learned about the methods and tools which have been used in working with Polish students, as well as the materials prepared for them to implement in their schools on their own: lesson plans and attractive supplementary materials. They were also invited to several activities that had previously been carried out with the students: zero-waste cooking workshops, label reading activities and food safety experiments. All activities taught key competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication. The workshops received a lot of enthusiasm from the teachers, who agreed that the programme is attractive and worth implementing in schools.

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

About 1,3 billion tonnes of food are wasted each year all over the world, which is almost 20% of total food production. We, the consumers, are most to blame - we are responsible for around 60% of food thrown away. We do need to stop this! There is no time for consideration!

The first step to tackling this issue is awareness. The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste is an excellent occasion to pass the knowledge and sensitise consumers. This day – 29th of September – Food Bank in Olsztyn (Poland) invited school children to attractive and engaging workshops. By taking part in lectures about waste segregation, scientific demonstrations, educational game and zero-waste cooking workshops, they found out which processes take place in the preparation of food, information about the place of origin, appearance, smell and shape of various edible plants but also how to make a pizza through smart use of all prepared ingredients. Thanks to all these activities, children learned how to respect food by not wasting it and combining fun with preparing colourful dishes.

At the end of the workshops, children were asked to solve the "Food safety & waste" Kahoot! quiz with questions about proper food storage and preventing food waste. It turned out that young participants have a wide knowledge about extending the shelf life of food and using leftovers!

FoodScienceClass goes to the Museum

This semester a group of 8th and 9th graders from different schools in Haifa will be learning outside their school walls and in the Madatech Science Museum. FoodScienceClass has created a unique program for the youth to learn about food science and to connect their learning to the Museum. On the 2nd of November, they visited the Technion campus to learn how bright and innovative ideas can change the course of their lives and diets. They met with food engineer Dr. Dafna Pascoviche, who works at the lab of our partner DouxMatok and tasted some of the products they are developing.

EIT Food Science Class – Youth Forum

On the 17th of January 2022 the EIT Food Science Class organised the Youth Forum – an online event that joined around 30 students participating in the project from Israel, Poland, Belgium and Finland.

Students met virtually joined by their teachers to share their main learnings and results from the project. They also exchanged on their country’s food cultures and found common ground in many of their food habits and preferences. Some students reflected on the importance of learning about and preventing food waste and others confessed that even though they did not know what to expect about the project at first, in the end “they loved it”.

The event finished with an “zero waste showcooking” by the Polish chefs Jagna Niedzielska i Tomasz Zaremba (organised by FoodBank in Olsztyn) where students learn how to do tabouleh with zero waste!


(May) The EITFood Science Class 2021 kicks off in Poland led by PAN.

Four classes of high school and primary students will participate in the project to learn about the topics of food production, processing and food safety.

EIT Food Science Class educates about responsible resource management

Over 100 polish students participated in a exciting two-day workshop about responsible food waste management.

EITFood Science Class at the Olsztyn Green Festival

Scientists from PAN invited the local young community in Olsztyn (Poland) to engage in fun experiments that helped them learn about food production & processing and food safety.