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We developed our brand communication strategy with the contributions we gained from our mentoring and potential customer interviews during the EWA Programme process.

- Aygen Savaş Alkan (Founder of Kybele's Garden startup) - EWA 2021 winner, Turkey

The first prize gave me the opportunity to finish my prototype and start pilot projects in order to prove my idea and communicate the findings and the optimizations in the Vertical Farming market.

- Dafni Avgoustaki (CEO and Founder of VerdeCube) - EWA 2021 winner, Greece

The EWA programme changed the way I looked at my entrepreneurship. At first I just wanted to have a small Spirulina farm that would allow me to work as a biologist. Now I have realised that I can do my bit to create a sustainable future and make this extraordinary food available to everyone.

- Inés Carballo Tomé (CEO and Founder of Aitana Espirulina) - EWA 2021 winner, Spain

EWA programme is a wonderful opportunity for women to start their own business. Training, coaches and mentors helped me to focus and develop a clear path of my startup. Prize gave me the opportunity to test the idea and to push it from the draft on paper to the product prototype.

- Giedre Kesiunaite (Founder of Milgogi) - EWA 2021 winner, Lithuania

Joining the EWA programme helped me not only to successfully run my business but also boosted my feeling of self-confidence as an entrepreneur. Winning the 1st prize allowed me to secure design protection of my innovation in the EU and to start selling in markets abroad.

- Lamya Zítková Kourdi (Founder of ProSoilblocker) - EWA 2020 winner, Czech Republic

EWA programme 2021 gave me a possibility to grow my startup, evolve as an entrepreneur. I learned a lot how to continue from an early stage to more confident and agile startup. I had an excellent mentor Augustas Alešiūnas to whom I want so sincerely thank as well as the whole Lithuanian EWA team.

- Milda Savickaite (Founder of Magic Broth) - EWA 2021 winner, Lithuania

EWA programme, above all gave hope to me above all gave hope to me and our team that our project can be realized. During the meetings and seminars we found new friends, partners, business mentors and like-minded people. In addition, we gained new knowledge, developed our communication skills and were motivated to move forward. The programme empowered us and we are already working on the ground with small but decisive steps.

- Neda Kirilova - EWA 2021 winner, Bulgaria

The EWA programme has been a real catalyst for our agriculture business. The programme helped us to organise ourselves, to put our thoughts in order, to take time to evaluate ourselves. But most importantly, it motivated us to get results. Priceless!

- Cosmina Dinu (Co-Founder at ROMO) - EWA 2020 winner, Romania

Participating in EWA provided me with essential entrepreneurial skills which I use ever since. It helped me to build a vision for the long-term development of our project and gave me faith that there are always people who want us to succeed. I turned from a university student into a full-time entrepreneur, leading a small team on our mission to make organic food better available for everyone.

- Vendula Donátová (founder of Kultivarium) - EWA 2020 winner, Czech Republic

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