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Invest in research: the future of Italian Agrifood

18 - Nov - 2021

Innovation is gaining increasing importance for the growth of the entire agrofood economic system in Italy, due to the necessity of deliver even more healthy and trusted products to the consumers. Retrieving financial resources addressed to research and implementation of production processes, services and goods is a wide-spread and sensitive topic for research institutes, startups, as well as for small-, medium- and big-sized companies. SARS-CoV2 pandemics brought out several needs that require a change not only in term of work organization and supply chain, but also in term of improving food quality and safety.

The IT National Technological Cluster for the Agrifood and the Italian EIT Food Hub organized an open workshop streamed on YouTube, to discuss the possibilities of investments in the agrifood field ant the national objectives for the following years, considering also the actuation of the PNRR (National Plan for Resilience and Recovery). During this workshop, Prof. Patrizia Brigidi - PI for the University of Bologna in EIT Food - moderated the discussion and Dr. Barbara De Ruggieri - for EIT Food Hub Italy - presented the EIT Food project's programme and opportunities, with a specific focus on CLiMB-Out.

Here the poster and timetable of the event:

Video of the event:

You can find the live stream of the event in Italian language here: