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Spotlight: Farmforce on improving agriculture value chains

Anne Jorun Aas, CEO of Farmforce, describes how they are turning data into tools for the agriculture value chain - securing sustainable sourcing, protecting the environment and improving farmer quality of life.

07 Oct 2021
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Podcast #118

FOLU & The Role of Food and Land Use Coalition at COP28

In this mini-episode of the Food Fight Podcast, we talk to Katie McCoshan, Policy and International Engagement Manager at the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU). Katie discusses the importance of food systems and how they will be a key topic at COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. FOLU aims to transform food systems by addressing issues of climate change, environment, nutrition, health, and farmer livelihoods.

Podcast #117

FoodBanks: Collaboration and Innovation for Lasting Food System Change

In this mini-episode of the Food Fight Podcast, Ignacio Gavilan, Senior Director of Food Systems Partnerships at the Global Food Banking Network, discusses the urgent need to address the broken food systems that are leaving millions of people without access to food. Gavilan highlights the staggering amount of food that is lost or wasted, accounting for approximately one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Podcast #116

The Power of Youth Engagement in Climate Change: Insights from YPARD

In this mini-episode of the Food Fight Podcast, Glendys Virginia Luciano, the Strategic Network Engagement Manager at the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPard), discusses the important role that young professionals play in building healthy and equitable food systems. YPard is a youth-led organisation that provides a platform for young professionals interested in food systems to network, do policy work, and elevate their voices.