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On the breadline - tips for saving money on food

Matt is joined by TikTok Chef MealsbyMitch, and Stacey Williams, Head of Customer Relation and Business Development at Gander, who are sharing all their grocery saving tips so you can keep your bills low and stomachs full.

09 Dec 2022


We are seeing the impacts of inflation within the food industry, with supermarket prices in the UK raising 15% in 2022. The war in Ukraine has a massive effect on the price of energy, which has a knock-on effect further down the chain. Technology can help people find the best deals on food, saving them money.

People often want ease and simplicity in their meals, but many recipes call for extra ingredients they don’t have to hand.With the increasing cost of necessities like vegetables, creating simple but filling recipes is key to helping people eat healthily.

With the rise in discount chains, people are becoming less concerned with the stigma of reduced-cost foods, which is starting to have a knock on effect towards more sustainable shopping and less food waste in the home.

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