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Designing the reusable packaging of tomorrow

Can Lewandowski, Co-founder of Crafting Futures, talks to us about the issue of single-use plastics and how his company is attempting to change consumer habits through systems change and material science innovations

02 Feb 2023


• Single-use plastics are a one-way form of waste that results in environmental problems with little benefit for consumers. In fact, some forms of single-use packaging can add significant amounts to the price of goods
• Incentivising the use of reusable packaging requires added value compared to single-use plastics. That could be in terms of quality, ease of use, consumer savings over time, or other innovations schemes that improve the customer experience.
• Politicians and industry leaders have a key role to play in driving the societal shift away from single-use plastics toward reusable packaging, due to their influence and resources
• Material science innovations can reduce the amount of raw material needed for plastics packaging while improving the utility of products
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