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The results of the call for expressions of interest to become EIT Food Hubs in 2021-2023

It is a great pleasure for us to inform that our EIT Food CLC North-East and CLC South have selected organisations to perform the role of EIT Food Hubs during the period in 2021-2023/

18 Feb 2021
EIT Food North & East

It is a great pleasure for us to inform that our EIT Food CLC North-East and CLC South have selected the following organisations to perform the role of EIT Food Hubs during the period in 2021-2023: 

  • Bulgaria: Agricultural University of Plovdiv (lead entity) and Cleantech Bulgaria (startup support) 
  • Croatia: TERA TEHNOPOLIS Ltd. 
  • Czech Republic: University of Chemistry and Technology (lead entity) and Prague and Hub Innovation (startup support) 
  • Estonia: Tartu Biotehnoloogia Park 
  • Greece: Industry Disruptors Game Changers (Lead Entity) and Agricultural University of Athens  
  • Hungary: Campden BRI Hungary Ltd. (lead entity) and PANNON Pro Innovations (startup support) 
  • Italy: Univerity of Bari Aldo Moro (Lead Entity) and The Hub Sicily - Cooperative Society (Impact Hub Siracusa) 
  • Latvia: Riga Technical University 
  • Lithuania: AgriFood Lithuania DIH 
  • Portugal: Building Global Innovators 
  • Romania: Impact Hub Bucharest 
  • Serbia: Association "SEE ICT" 
  • Slovakia: the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (lead entity) and Slovak Business Agency (startup support) 
  • Slovenia: University of Ljubljana Biotechnical Faculty 
  • Turkey: Impact Hub Istanbul 

For further information please contact: 

  • Elvira Domingo (for EIT Food Hubs based in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey):  
  • Milda Krauzlis (for EIT Food Hubs based in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia):   

About our EIT Food HUBs 

The role of the EIT Food Hubs is to implement a plan of activities in their respective EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS) area to contribute to boosting the ability to innovate of these countries and regions in Europe. More information on the EIT RIS and the countries and regions included in the scheme can be found here.

The selected EIT Food HUBs will follow a precisely-defined outreach workplan in their respective target countries and regions. Activities include acting as a regional contact point for all EIT Food related interests, regularly updating a contact list of relevant stakeholders, maintaining relations with key regional players, engaging in the exploration of the local start-up community, organising events and workshops for students, graduates and entrepreneurs and promoting EIT Food’s portfolio of instruments to ensure that local innovators (individuals and organisations) are aware of their existence and can benefit from these. 

EIT Food HUBs are individual organisations having the status of legal persons or two organisations acting as a consortium/innovation network, where one organisation acts as a lead entity and the other organisation supports business creation activities and start-up ecosystem. The selection process was implemented as an open call managed by the EIT Food co-location centres (CLC) North East and CLC South, using clear and transparent selection criteria.  

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