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The Food Fight podcast

A podcast series examining the biggest challenges facing the food system, and the innovations and entrepreneurs looking to solve them. We ask the questions everyone wants answered, so this is not one to miss! Sign up to our newsletter or contact us at: for more information.

12 Nov 2019

Episode 4: Spotlight: RethinkResource on creating value from food waste

Linda Grieder introduces RethinkResource, a company looking at ways that food waste and side streams can be turned into profit. She also explains how RethinkResource's new platform – Circado – is working to connect industries to make the most out of food waste opportunities.

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Episode 3: How do we clean up all the food waste?

According to UN research, one-third of all food produced is wasted. In this episode Matt and Lukxmi meet with Tessa Clarke (founder of food-sharing platform OLIO) and Veerle Carlier (R&D and Innovation manager at food retailer Colruyt) to discuss strategies for tackling the problem.

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Episode 2: Spotlight: 3F BIO on alternative protein

Protein is a vital component of any healthy diet – but with a rising global demand how can we scale production without destroying the planet along the way? Jim Laird introduces 3F Bio, a company focusing on meat alternatives that taste just as good.

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Episode 1: Can we really feed 10 billion people by 2050?

Listen now to our launch episode of The Food Fight podcast as Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy of City University London, and Stephane Durand from Queen’s University Belfast, give their views and perspectives on the huge challenges facing our food system.

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