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The 10 selected entrepreneurs for the fifth edition of EWA Spain are announced

Empowering Women in Agrifood, an EIT Food entrepreneurship programme, welcomes 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs with projects in the agrifood sector.

17 Jun 2024
EIT Food South

EIT Food is proud to present the cohort of 10 dedicated female entrepreneurs for the fifth edition of its Empowering Women in Agrifood initiative in Spain. Implemented in collaboration with Universidad de Loyola, this year's programme welcomes another 10 entrepreneurs who have innovative projects in the agrifood sector. They will be guided by 10 experienced mentors through a tailored programme starting this July 2024.

This six-month programme comprises a variety of trainings, networking opportunities, and a pitch day towards the end. The overarching goal is to enable and develop their businesses and projects for sustainable long-term growth.

The EWA project fosters an inclusive environment for the entrepreneurs to explore and share their personal journeys, support each other, and create synergies and strong bonds within the community.

Meet the 2024 EWA Programme Spain Cohort:

  • Elena Vitoria - Salmoira: Salmoira revitalizes the traditional method of fish and seafood salting from Galicia, producing nutritious foods with a positive impact on the circular economy. Through research and development, Salmoira explores novel seafood products and ancient preservation techniques to enhance their sensory qualities. Additionally, it devises a gastronomic tourism strategy centered on its offerings and the rich history of salting.
  • Claudia Calzada - Generación Agro: Facilitating connections between owners of small farms lacking generational succession and private investors, Generación Agro transitions towards cultivating high-value crops, ensuring the sustainability of farms and food production. By integrating technology into management practices, Generación Agro aims to minimize costs and optimize resource and machinery utilization, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  • María del Pilar Pascual Saludes - Pistachos Finca Telereta: Specializing in the direct sale of pistachios from the farmer, Pistachos Finca Telereta establishes a state-of-the-art processing facility for pistachios alongside a workshop for creating pistachio-derived products. The project aims to enhance market positioning and establish Finca Telereta as a leader in premium pistachio products, thereby promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • Clara Pallarés - Indaga Foods: Indaga Foods introduces an umami enhancer derived from whey, a by-product of cheese-making. The business model focuses on distributing this umami product in the HORECA sector and gourmet retail, along with offering bespoke whey solutions for cheesemakers. Indaga Foods also explores fermentation-based solutions for the food industry and HORECA sector.
  • Arancha Tejada - BisDetection SL: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance quality and food safety controls, BisDetection SL employs hyperspectral imaging for rapid pathogen detection (Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli). These solutions bolster reliability while optimizing cost efficiency and product shelf life.
  • Miriam Borondo - M2R Agrofarm: M2R Agrofarm is a biotechnology company focused on producing and commercializing high-quality protein from insects. Using a circular economy approach, M2R Agrofarm sustainably scales up insect production through vertical farming, repurposing vegetable waste, and employing water- and chemical-free advanced technologies.
  • Faiza Hajji: Faiza Hajji's biotechnology company specializes in producing and commercializing premium goat milk yogurt, catering to individuals with cow milk intolerance. Targeting health-conscious consumers, Faiza Hajji aims to expand its market presence through local sales, subscriptions, and strategic partnerships.
  • Virginia Fradejas - Kamarere: Kamarere focuses on producing dehydrated powdered ingredients sourced from aesthetically imperfect fruits and vegetables, along with products crafted from these ingredients. Catering to both semi-industrial and domestic sectors, Kamarere promotes sustainability by repurposing imperfect produce to create natural, additive-free products suitable for various culinary applications.
  • Sara Hernández - KHÒTXO: Introducing an innovative food product revolutionizing baking for individuals with celiac disease, diabetes, intolerances, and food allergies, KHÒTXO emphasizes social inclusion alongside taste and nutritional benefits.
  • Rebecca María Pizarroso - ComexSoft: ComexSoft offers a comprehensive data portal with a forward-thinking approach to market dynamics, enabling proactive decision-making that anticipates trends rather than merely reacting to them.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and achievements as they navigate through the six-month-long training programme, culminating in a pitch day where two entrepreneurs will be awarded prizes to further fuel their ventures.

Together, let us celebrate and champion the empowerment of women in agrifood entrepreneurship, driving positive change and prosperity in the industry.

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