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STREAM IT: Pioneering Gender Equality in STEM

Empowering young women in STEM through innovation and collaboration

10 Jun 2024

The Horizon Europe funded STREAM IT project which kicked off in January 2024 addresses persistent gender inequalities in STEM education, research and innovation. By empowering underrepresented groups, particularly women and girls, STREAM IT aims to promote gender-inclusive career paths and support STEM education providers in overcoming gender-based barriers. The project’s mission aligns with the objectives of ‘The European Manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers.’

STREAM IT is implemented by a consortium of 21 partners from 19 countries, coordinated by HÉTFA Research Institute from Hungary.

EIT Food North-East will conduct interviews with young women in Poland who are studying at any level of STEM education (including applied arts). This research will feed into an analysis of institutional barriers and other potential obstacles which they face when pursuing a career in the field. Interviews with STEM education providers will also contribute to identifying how support at institutional level can mitigate gender inequalities. EIT Food will actively participate in working on concepts and methodologies to ensure the outcomes of the project reach STEM teachers and communities. By contributing to the development of policy recommendations for national, regional and EU stakeholders, we will help to build collaborative networks supporting the exploitation of project results in partner countries. Throughout the project EIT Food is also working on communicating the project to stakeholders and target audiences.

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Key STREAM IT Activities

Research and Analysis

Comprehensive meta-analyses and qualitative research to synthesize existing knowledge and identify institutional barriers faced by women in STEM. This research also explores the roles institutions can play in encouraging more girls to pursue tertiary education in STEM fields.

Developing Inclusive Tools for Hands-On Activities

STREAM IT is developing innovative, gender- and diversity-inclusive toolkits crafted to enhance skills and learning opportunities for all genders, with a particular focus on girls aged 14-18. These tools will be tested through activities such as workshops and a mentoring program.

Establishing collaborative networks

Collaborative networks are fundamental to raising awareness on gender and equality issues in STEM, developing innovative approaches and teaching methods, and fostering community building among STEM education providers. At national level the role will be fulfilled by National Inspiration Hubs for STEM educators, while at the European level the “Virtual Makerspace for STEAM approaches” will function as an educational and networking platform of the national Inspiration Hubs, open to other stakeholders beyond the project.

Contributing to EU Policy Objectives

STREAM IT supports the development and implementation of the ‘European Manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers.’ The consortium organizes policy dialogue webinars to discuss issues relevant to gender equality in STEM education and research and innovation (R&I), gather input for the project roadmap and target synergies with previous initiatives. The project will culminate in a hybrid Final Conference in Brussels in 2026, consolidating all project outcomes and paving the way for future initiatives.

STREAM IT is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable future in STEM, ensuring that gender-based barriers are dismantled and all individuals have the opportunity to thrive in these fields.

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