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EIT Food celebrates impact at awards ceremony

27 October 2021 News, EIT Food Projects, Circular Food Systems Four winners have been announced for the EIT Food Impact awards

EIT Food celebrates impact at awards ceremony

The winners of the first EIT Food Impact awards have been announced at the annual Partner Event, which took place in Malaga last week. 

The Impact Awards were developed to recognise and celebrate the valuable work of the EIT Food community by celebrating activities which are making a real difference and transforming our food system.  

Submissions were invited from all EIT Food partners, and activities that have received investment support from EIT Food at any point over the last five years. The categories for the awards were: ‘Dietary Change; ‘Trust Conditions’, ‘Circular Economy’, and ‘Environmental Impact’. The winners were selected by Partners at the annual Partner Event, who voted on short video pitches submitted to each category. 

The winning project in the Dietary change category was Sugar-Out, Prote-In

Sugar-Out, Prote-In uses innovative precision fermentation technology to develop a safe, sustainable and scalable sweet protein which can be used as a healthy sugar substitute in major food and beverage applications, including carbonated soft drinks, yogurt, flavoured water and sports drinks.

The winning project in the Trust conditions category was FoodUnfolded

Learning more about how food is made can deeply impact our food choices and ultimately help protect our planet. FoodUnfolded reconnects consumers with the origins of their food. The innovative platform features articles, videos and podcasts and social media outreach. 

The winner of the Circular economy award was PHENOLIVA

80% of olive fruit harvested (olive pomace) is turned into waste. PHENOLIVA is implementing integrated waste management for the olive oil industry, extracting antioxidants from olive pomace and processing the result into an innovative food antioxidant. 

The winner of the Environmental impact award was Integrating precision farming in computer games

This project is co-creating a precision farming module for the videogame “Farming Simulator” to help users experience the multiple benefits of precision farming. The module has the potential to reach a wide audience of farmers, agricultural students and other interested stakeholders. 

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