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Over 100,000 learners reached through our online courses

Our online courses are open to all, aimed at anybody interested in learning more about the food system and most can be accessed for free.

13 Aug 2021

Over 100,000 learners from more than 160 countries worldwide have taken part in EIT Food’s online courses. With 87.3% positive feedback, we are equipping learners across Europe and beyond with the skills and knowledge they need to transform the future of food.  

Our online courses are open to all, aimed at anybody interested in learning more about the food system and most can be accessed for free. 

EIT Food Education Programme Manager Vivien Bodereau said: “We are delighted to have reached this big milestone - over 100,000 learners have now joined our community to study the food system, and how future trends will change how we produce and consume food. We are committed to ensuring many, many more learners access and benefit from this knowledge, so that they feel more informed and connected with their food.” 

Our online courses are developed and delivered through the FutureLearn platform. There are currently 25 available, ranging from nutrition to sustainability to trust in food. With more being developed all the time, these courses provide insights into a range of important topics.  

In addition to learning, participants are invited to join the conversation, sharing their ideas on how to transform the food sector.  

The most popular courses are:  

“Excellent, informative, well presented course on a fascinating subject. This was my first course with Future Learn, now doing another one! Thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommended.” 

Although our online courses are open to all, some are designed specifically to enhance professional development, and fill a recognised knowledge gap. Our newest course is Nutrition for Health and Sustainability, which has been designed to provide food and nutrition education for medical students. 

We follow FutureLearn’s approach to learning, and put a lot of effort to consider all our learners in the learning design. This means we are taking a systematic approach to designing and planning our courses, based on successful learning theory and practice, along with evidence gathered from previous courses. 

“A very interesting course. I look forward to the results of further and continuing research being incorporated in future courses. I find these short courses give me access to information and education I am unable to access otherwise and in particular connects me to real facts instead of popular media selective science.” 

During Autumn 2021 we will launch our first courses in Spanish, including a Spanish-language version of our most popular online course Food for thought.  

EIT Food champions a lifelong learning mindset, which the Education team believe is vital to transform our food system. Vivien Bodereau continued: “It is important to keep learning. We believe that better informed consumers and citizens of all ages make better, healthier, and more sustainable choices. This is why we provide funding to partner organisations from our network including key industry players, agrifood startups, research centres and top universities from across Europe to develop online courses on subjects related to our food, which provide access to the latest research on food.” 

To find out more, about our online courses visit:  

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