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"Made For Restaurant" - circular solutions in the hospitality sector

Sustainability in business - the cost-effectiveness of the circular economy in the restaurant, or how to save the environment and the company. Discussion panels co-organized by EIT Food within the framework of "Made For Restaurant" conference in Poland taking part on 25th October.

24 Oct 2022
EIT Food North-East

For the second time this year, EIT Food is co-organizing discussion panels with representatives of the polish hospitality sector - as part of "Made For Restaurant" conference. Do you know how much you can reduce the cost of running a restaurant or hotel when you reduce the amount of food you waste or design a smart network of your suppliers? Those are just some of the issues raised at the conference.

Circularity in the restaurant

Circular communities and integration of resources. How HORECA sector can build business resilience? As This is the main message of the upcoming discussion. A crucial aspect supporting strategic thinking and circularity is the need to build resilience. Resilience in HORECA sector is being described as a search for opportunities to optimize and reduce operating costs while paying attention to the environment and carbon footprint, use of resources from the near region, waste management tactics in the day-to-day operation of the restaurant/hotel/industry.

Stay updated on our activities

Together with partners, we have created materials summarizing our previous sessions at the Made For Restaurant, that will help you run a cost-effective business that supports your industry partners and is environmentally conscious.

Further meetings are planned to better understand each other's possibilities and problems. Consequently, we cordially invite you to attend next meetings of this cycle in the future.

Click below to download the summary in Polish.

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