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Funbrew Workshop

Funbrew Workshop

18 Aug 2021

Brewer’s spent grain is a by-product of beer manufacturing, consisting of the external layers of barley which are separated from the mash before fermentation.

In 2019, 1.91 billion hectoliters of beer were produced worldwide generating 20 kg of spent for each hectoliter. The spent is rich in fibers and protein and is a potential source of valuable nutrients. Still, most of it is used as animal feed or discarded.

The transnational project FUNBREW (Biotransformation of brewers´ spent grain: increased functionality for novel food applications) aimed at recycling brewer’s spent grain into a functional ingredient for food industry through the establishment of bioprocessing technologies, such as controlled fermentation, able to transform the properties of the brewer’s spent grain enhancing its processability. FUNBREW integrates both fundamental and applied research to fully exploit the potential of breweries side streams and to enable the development of sustainable food systems.

In this workshop, the main results achieved during the three years of the project were be presented,  focusing on the advantages of the biotechnologies developed and the advances on cereal-based food applications (baked goods, pasta and breakfast cereals).

Applied biotechnologies for underutilized by-products perfectly fit into EIT Food Innovation Focus Areas, aiming at new circular economy opportunities and reduction in resource, land and water use, by means of conversion of food waste and side streams for food, feed and non-food applications. Therefore, FUNBREW project results represent a high-level research that could be transform in innovative process and products in European food system.

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