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Flemish government launches a call for food innovations for new Flemish food strategy

Are you the food transformer that the Flemish government is looking for?

24 Jun 2021
EIT Food West

Are you the food transformer that the Flemish government is looking for? Flanders has set the goal of developing a strong, integrated and mostly future-oriented food policy and strategy. Therefore, Flemish Minister of Agriculture and Food Hilde Crevits and the different partners in the Food Coalition, of which EIT Food CLC West is a part, are launching a call to pick up your innovative idea and give it a boost through collaboration!

We are looking for ideas that can contribute to the future Flemish food policy. This is how we connect farmers and citizens, ensure healthy and sustainable food for all, work (further) towards a resilient food economy and continue on the path of circular and sustainable entrepreneurship around food.

And these are not just promises on paper: in addition to drawing up the food strategy itself, we already want to create change and capture good ideas. We want to go for food together: Go4Food!

To make this happen, we need you and your ideas!

Are you a professional or an organised citizens' movement working on food, or planning to start one? Do you have an idea about the production chain, food environment or consumer behaviour that you want to share and develop into a concrete initiative through collaboration? And would you like to launch or demonstrate your initiative at the Flemish Food Summit in 2022?

Then submit your idea via the registration form. You can do so until 30 July 2021. Describe your idea as clearly as possible and indicate your commitment. If you like, you can also briefly pitch your idea in a video. At the end of September, you will know whether your idea has been selected for further development.

This way, not only your idea gets a serious boost, but also the Flemish food strategy!

Flemish Minister of Agriculture and Food Hilde Crevits: With Vlaamse Kost, we are emphasizing food from our region and a fair wage for our farmers. Today, we are taking the next step towards a strong Flemish food strategy. This is a broad story that we want to write together with many people, with organisations and with citizens. Do you have an idea about food for the future? Do not hesitate and submit your project!

If you want to know more about our Food Strategy, surf to the page Vlaamse Kost (Flemish Food Strategy).


Registration Form

Flemish Food Strategy

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