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Empowering Ukrainian Women in Agrifood: A Masterclass on Finance and Innovation

EIT Food and Institute of partnership and sustainable development have launched a Masterclass focused on financial management, attracting funding and introducing innovative solutions in the Agrifood sector on the frames of the Empowering Women in Agrifood programme for Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in the agri-food industry.

16 Oct 2023
EIT Food North & East

On Monday and Tuesday, September 25-26, 2023, the Masterclass event aimed at enhancing the financial management knowledge and skills of Mentees, providing them with tools to attract financing to their businesses, and making connections between Mentees, Mentors and stakeholders in the Ukrainian agrifood innovation ecosystem. This event took place in Kyiv and was conducted within the framework of the Empowering Women in Agrifood programme.

The event started with a networking session and welcoming words from EIT Food team Aleksandra Bara, Olesia Kotovska and the IPSD team, an introductory words by Daria Mustafina, director of NGO "Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development", EWA implementer in Ukraine. This was followed by presentations from the EWA Mentees on the topic of "EWA in my business transformations”. Mentees shared news of remarkable business transformations achieved through their collaboration with EWA Mentors and external Experts.

The interactive part of the event featured workshops focused on financial management by Tetiana Samofal, tools to attract financing to agrifood business by Alla Dubrovyk-Rokhova, Innovation in the Agrifood sector and Agri-tech by Yaroclav Boyko with Mentees brainstorming ideas for potential actions to attract financing and implement innovative and Agri-tech solutions in their businesses. During these workshops, Mentees were engaged in brainstorming sessions to generate potential strategies for securing financing and implementing innovative Agri-tech solutions in their businesses. Following the workshops, participants had the opportunity to meet with all Mentors. To conclude the first day of the Masterclass, participants were able to discuss their startup and business ideas during the networking lunch.

On the second day of the event, an excursion to the international centre of Precision Agriculture AgriLab providing the most modern solutions for increasing the efficiency of agribusiness was arranged. AgriLab ranks among the TOP-5 most innovative companies in Ukraine, according to the Forbes rating. During the visit, participants had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of Precision Planting equipment and were introduced to the latest drone technologies by The visit offered the participants a valuable space for networking and exchanging with stakeholders in the Ukrainian agrifood innovation ecosystem.

What comes next for participants in the EIT Food EWA programme in Ukraine?

  • They will keep working on their ideas diligently. Spend at least 6 more hours a month consulting with their mentors.
  • They'll expand their knowledge through virtual training and reading business-building tips and research.
  • They'll engage with the media.

On November 2 in Kyiv, EWA participants will present their business ideas at the final event where they will have a chance to receive additional financial grants of up to 15,000 EUR!

More About IPSD

Institute of partnership and sustainable development IPSD's interventions focus on developing women's entrepreneurship, startup ecosystems, strengthening inclusive democracy in Ukraine, private sector participation in decision-making processes, and improving regional business climates. The NGO has been working for over 6 years on the close relationship between entrepreneurship and local development, and it has played a pioneering role in the issue of women’s# entrepreneurship, and integration of a gender perspective into economic growth. IPSD is developing the first complex innovative ecosystem on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, including women’s empowerment, entrepreneurial education, networking, mentoring, and raising awareness of the need to create the appropriate framework conditions, both at national and local levels.

Learn more about AgriFood Ukraine on their web page (

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